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This is the Masterlist for all the group's that we've covered that have sadly disbanded after we posted about them.

Disbanded Groups:

Disbanded Group Cards:

Groups On Hiatus:

These groups were so good and I'm super sad to see them go!!!

I do not own any of the videos, all credit goes to the rightful owners!

GNMR Staff:

GNMR Taglist:

If you'd like to be tagged in this card let me know in the comments!

I also plan on making a Masterlist for the groups that are still promoting (plus the disbanded.) So in other words, a list of all the groups we've covered!
Speed was one of my favorites and I hated to see them disband.
I know!!! I got into them when I first got into K-Pop and I was super sad when I heard they disbanded!!!!!
What about Tiny G? They disbanded a few years ago.
The top list is only if Groups that we've posted about that have recently disbanded. And the second list is of past groups we've named off. I am planning on doing cards for more groups, I'll definitely include them!