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Hello everyone! It's lovely to see you again! Welcome to this installment of Yongguk Fridays!

Last week, we went through an interview all about Yongguk's life before he was interested in Hip-hop! This week, we'll be discussing how he got into Hip-Hop and began writing lyrics!

As always, I will leave links to the translations at the bottom of the card!

Let's get right into it!
It all began when his family relocated from his hometown of Incheon to Seoul.

“I lived in Incheon and I thought there wouldn’t be much difference in moving to Seoul but I was wrong when I saw how much more people there were and how peers my age were really modernized. Because of that, it took me a while to adjust to the Seoul lifestyle (laughs). Where I used to live, all the lights would turn off when it turned 9PM but in Seoul, the streets were still busy during that time.”

Despite Seoul being a foreign place for Bang Yongguk to start a new life in, he was a kid who was able to adjust with his peers, especially since he spent his time with friends through sports which was a helping hand in getting friendlier with one another. He claims that he still contacts his friends he was close to back then and while he was busy spending his days with his friends and being a jokester, something tickled his curiosity one day and that was hip hop music.

“I started gaining interest in music from junior high and on. One day, I just thought how hip hop music seemed cool. It was also because my older sister liked American music so when I’d turn on the computer in our house, there were only songs in that genre. Because of that, I naturally began listening to hip hop music and gained interest, which led me to start looking for related videos myself.”

Bang Yongguk’s older sister played a vital role in where Bang Yongguk stands today and in thanks to his older sister who knew American music well, little Yongguk began growing his dream with music more and more each day.

“I think after seeing videos with rapping in it, I realized then for the first time that I wanted to rap myself and up till my second year of middle school, I didn’t even know there was an artist in Korea named Drunken Tiger. I always thought those who did hip hop music were foreigners and Drunken Tiger was a fresh kind of shock for me.”
As Bang Yongguk started gaining more interest in music, he began composing. At first, he didn’t know but he slowly began to find out that people took interest in the lyrics he wrote.

“In my second year of junior high I wrote lyrics for the first time. After composing lyrics, coincidentally I found an online forum that comprised of people who were interested in hip hop and rap just like me and it was a whole new world. I posted my lyrics for the first time on an online forum and the responses were really good. In thinking of it as people critiquing my work after having worked on my music alone, I was really happy.”

Bang Yongguk’s rap and lyrics were acknowledged by a lot of people at the time. In showing off his own unique color of music, the many people on the online forum acknowledged his work but more than that, they began praising his work as well.

“At the time, I saw lots of responses like, “Your rap is unique” and “It’s refreshing.” How did I feel? Of course I felt so happy that I felt like I was going to fly. Many people listened to my music and I even received a question that asked, “Do you live outside of the country?” I think my motive back then was to not be swayed by the trend and prove “I only do my kind of music” to others.”

And with the junior high student Bang Yongguk opened his eyes to music, he moved onto becoming a high school student which then he officially began walking down the path of music.
That's it for this week's portion of the interview! Next week we will discuss Yongguk's high school life! This is the time he says when he officially became interested in doing music! I'm super excited!

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Thanks so much for tuning in and I hope to see you all next week! Enjoy your weekend! ❤

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