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Happy Saturday~

So I have decided that we are going to do the members that have left as well so we have 4 more left after this card which is Sangdo's!

I hope you all enjoy it! XD

Missed the other members? I gotchu~

Missed the other bands? (BTS, EXO, Monsta X, Apink, GOT7, IKON, Seventeen, Winner, VIXX, ASTRO, and Imfact)

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Sangdo: *in shock*

Sangdo: Okay, well my name is Sangdo...and uh...I didn't really come with a plan. I didn't think I was next.

Me: Ah, nothing? Really?

Sangdo: Nope... *embarrassed*

Me: Okay well, I think I have an idea...

Sangdo: Well...I'm waiting...what do you have in mind?

Me: I think your fans would love to see your smile! Huh? Good right?!

Sangdo: *makes a weird face*

Fine...I guess. I shall dazzle you all with my smile~

Me: See! That's the spirit! XD

Sangdo: *smiles*

Me: Ahh, see you are so adorable!!^^

Sangdo: Ah wha- *starts laughing*

Me: Shh, it's fine, just keep on smiling.

Sangdo: *gives in and tries to continue*

Sangdo: *finally feels the pressure and laughs*

Sangdo: Okay, I think that is enough...

Sangdo: Thanks for loving me and I promise to continue to work hard!

He is adorable though~

Make sure to vote for which member you would like to see next!

(Hojoon, Kidoh, Gohn, and Seogoong are the only ones left!)

Also if you would like to be added to this taglist (The Members) then let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

~The Members~

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@Viresse yes let's appreciate those cute cheeks ❣
*appreciates Sangdo's cute cheeks* ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。 And again I'll vote for Hojoon~ (though I'd be just as happy with anyone else too, lol)