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Next chapter coming at you. Just to remind everyone, this is the split path part of the story. This is Hoseok's path.
For the warning again, it is highly recommended that you choose one path and stick with it. If you want to read both, I recommend that you pick one until it ends, then go back and read the other. The reason for that is because the characters are stuck in the same place with the same situations. Obviously, things will be changed, I didn't cut and paste the different names, but you will probably find it repetitive. But if you want to read both, I obviously won't stop you. Either way, I hope you enjoy the story.

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Beginning: Chapter 1
Warning: may contain mild language. slight trigger warning for the usual
SooJin POV

It had been a couple days since they moved me to my new room, Jin and Hoseok had the staff set me up in a VIP room. I was still getting used to people calling me SooJin. The guys weren’t always able to visit at the same time, but they tried to come at least once a day. Jimin only seemed to come when it was with another person. I couldn’t help thinking that he was avoiding me. Maybe he really did remember the kiss. But my heart didn’t race as much when I recalled it now. Probably because my feelings had finally settled and I realized my being flustered was probably due to the surprise and novelty of it.

Hoseok and Taehyung came more often than the others since they were still working from the hospital I was in. I enjoyed spending time with them, especially because I was bored by myself. I particularly enjoyed my time with Hoseok. I tried my best to hide my feelings for him, but I couldn’t tell how well I was doing. After the doctor finally cleared me, Jin and Hoseok started to take me out around the hospital in my wheelchair for short periods of time. One time, Hoseok even snuck me out for fresh air. It was nice to be in the open.

One night, Jin told me something that made me nervous. He said that he wanted to let his parents finally know that their daughter was still alive. He said he’d been holding off because he wanted to give me time to cope before they knew. Once they were made aware, he knew that they’d be over in an instant, wanting to hold me, ask me questions, talk to me; something that he didn’t want to put me through until I was more ready. He knew I wasn’t completely ready yet, but he said he couldn’t keep it from them much longer, that it was eating away at him. I told him I understood and that he could tell them.

The next morning, I woke to find strangers in my room. Still not completely awake, it made me panic a little.

“It’s okay Ji—SooJin-ah,” Jin said, rushing to my side. He squeezed my hand. It was comforting. “These are our parents. This is our father, Kim YongJin.” I looked at the tall man who had his arm wrapped around a woman who I assumed was my mother. His eyes were kind and loving and looked exactly like Jin’s. I looked at the woman who was nervously clutching the front of her blouse just above her heart. I could see some of my own features in her. The tears in her eyes were threatening to fall. She looked nervous and hopeful. “This is our mother Kim SangHee.”

My brain didn’t recognize them. But just like when I saw Jin for the first time, my heart seemed to recognize them. I felt my heart beating faster. I didn’t know them, but I knew them. “Omma. Appa.” And before I knew it, tears were spilling down my cheeks. That seemed to grant permission to the tears in my mother’s eyes and they followed the same behavior.

“SooJin-ah,” both of them said together and quickly joined Jin in standing next to me.

“Do you remember us?” my mother asked. I shook my head.

“No. But I know that I know you. My heart recognizes you...” Jin stepped aside to allow them to come closer to me. Jin had told me the previous night that he would tell them everything about how I had been mistaken for someone else, how the people taking care of me had eventually passed away, how I was adopted, how they ran into me randomly, how I had been living with them, and how they had found out who I was. But he told me that he didn’t tell them the details of the time when I was adopted. And I understood that.

It was one thing to find out your daughter was still alive 13 years after having been declared dead. It was another thing to find out that she had practically been living as a modern-day Cinderella before she met her prince. Though I suppose I was still a bit of a Cinderella, except that I met seven princes and a princess. Those details would be something they’d have to be told another day, when everything was more stable and settled.

They stayed all day. Sometimes we talked and sometimes we just looked at each other, as though we were trying to make up for all the time we had lost. I thought it would be awkward, but just as it was with all the guys when I first met them, everything just seemed to click. They were there when the others came to visit and everyone socialized, though my mother, especially, stayed close to me. She rarely let go of my hand, like she was afraid I would disappear again. I understood and actually enjoyed her holding my hand. It was so comforting. I had a mother who loved and cared for me, even if she didn’t really know me.

After dinner, they had to leave to go back home. My parents were, understandably, reluctant to leave. I told them they were welcome to visit whenever they wanted. And I promised them I wouldn’t disappear again. That seemed to set their minds at ease and they left with smiles on their faces. The other guys had to leave soon after. Jin promised to stop by in the morning on the way to work, Taehyung informed (warned) me that he and Hoseok would be working from the hospital again, and the rest of the guys said that they would be back after work. I bid them all a good night and watched them leave.

A small amount of sadness came back as soon as they left. I was stuck in this dreary place with no one to talk to, nothing productive to do, and all of my questions played tag with my brain. Was I really ok? Why was Jimin acting so distant from me? What did Hoseok really think about me? How long was I going to be stuck here? How long was I going to continue to be dependent on others? I still couldn’t even feed myself. I tried to fight my depression. I knew where those thoughts led to. That was something in my past and I was never going to go there again. I would never try that again. I had more than I could’ve ever hoped for. I just needed to be patient.

The next day, Jin kept his word. He was the first one to visit. We talked a little bit while I ate the hospital breakfast. After Hoseok and the others had brought food from home, the doctors got mad that I wasn’t following my post-op diet. The two of us laughed about it, but I reluctantly had to concede. The food wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t a home-cooked meal. Jin promised that as soon as I was on a less strict diet, he, himself, would make food for me. After that elicited a smile from me, he kissed me on the top of my head and left for work.

Shortly after, Hoseok and Taehyung stopped by on the way into their offices. Taehyung only greeted me briefly before winking at me and leaving. I scowled at his departing figure.

“So... um... how’re you doing? I mean, how’re you feeling? Like, you know, pain or whatever...” I stifled a giggle. For some reason, Hoseok sounded nervous and it made me feel better. I didn’t know why he seemed nervous (if he even was) but part of me pretended that he liked me so being alone with me made him nervous. It was a silly fantasy, but my imagination seemed to run rampant in the dull hours of being alone.

“I’m fine, o-oppa.” After discovering my real identity (I sounded like a secret agent) we figured out that I was actually an entire year younger than I thought I was. This meant that both Hoseok and Namjoon were older than me, though for Namjoon it was just barely. So far, everyone was still often having trouble remembering to call me SooJin so it hadn’t meant many changes. But I wanted to get used to everything. I was definitely too bored in my room because it almost looked like he blushed when I called him that. “They’ve been keeping me pretty regulated with pain medications. They said I’m healing really well.”

“Th-that’s good. Do you—“ Hoseok was cut off by a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I called. The door open and my doctor and another doctor walked in. Hoseok and I greeted the doctors.

“How are you feeling today, Miss Kim?” It still felt weird to be called that.

“I’m fine. I haven’t felt pain, really.”

“That’s good then. If it’s okay, we’re going to try to lower the pain medications just a little bit. It’ll make it easier to monitor your progress and we don’t want to force your body to be dependent on it.”

“That sounds fine,” I responded.

“Oh, I, uh, should probably wait outside while you talk,” Hoseok cut in. He stood up.

“Actually,” the other doctor spoke up, “if Miss Kim is comfortable with it, it would probably be good to have another person present. We’re not going to talk about anything too personal.”

Hoseok and the doctors looked to me. “Th-that’s fine with me. I don’t mind. But, uh, I’m sorry, but I don’t know your name, doctor.”

My primary doctor, Dr. Bae, introduced the other doctor as Dr. Lee, a specialist in orthopedics and spinal injuries. They explained that with the type of injury I had, starting physical therapy as soon as possible, rather than waiting for more recovery, would be the most beneficial to me. They told me that even though I was still healing from the rest of my injuries, the longer I waited to start, the more difficult my physical therapy, and therefore recovery, would be. They told me that they didn’t want to start immediately, but they would like to start as soon as I was ready. I told them that I would like to start the next week if Dr. Bae thought it would be okay by then.

Dr. Bae said that it would be best to wait at least two weeks so that I didn’t cause problems with my internal injuries. He said he would keep close eye on my recovery and make a more informed decision when the next week came around. He said that he and Dr. Lee would work together to create a plan that would allow me to do the PT without being as harsh on my body as it would normally be.

“Will your boyfriend likely be coming to the sessions as well?” Dr. Lee inquired. I was confused until I realized that he must have been talking about Hoseok. Then my face turned bright red. I briefly looked at Hoseok.

“He’s not my b-boyfriend” / “I-I’m not her boyfriend” we said simultaneously. A look passed between the two doctors.

“My apologies. I just assumed given how much you two are together all the time. You do look like a couple.” If it were possible, I was pretty sure my face turned even redder. “Well, aside from that, it would be good for you to have a... friend with you. Studies show that positive emotions and encouragement aid in the recovery of people who have gone through things similar to your situation. I highly encourage you to have your friend…” another pause “or another friend or your brother to come with you. You, of course, don’t have to. Many people prefer to not have others see them during the more difficult times. But my advice would be to do so. I do believe it would be beneficial.”

“Thank you doctor... I’ll... keep that in mind,” I said quietly.

Dr. Bae spoke up. “Well, that’s what we came to talk about. But I’m also going to instruct your nurse to remove most of the bandages on your hands in a couple hours. Your wounds are well on the way to healing and this should give them some fresh air. The placement of the wounds shouldn’t interfere with your ability to eat, but just in case, inform the nurse if you would prefer a fork and spoon or need help.” I nodded in agreement. “We’ll also take the bandages off from your head. They need a local dressing, but you won’t have to have the whole thing wrapped around your head.” The doctor wrote a few things on my chart and then they both left.

After a moment of silence, Hoseok said, “That’s good. That you get your bandages off today.” I nodded shyly. The embarrassment from the doctor’s earlier assumption still had me flustered. Hoseok seemed to be stuck on the same thing as well. “I’m sorry that I’m here so much that the doctors mistook me for... you know...”

“Ah, n-no. I should apologize.” I couldn’t even meet his eyes. “This is your workplace. I’m sure it must be embarrassing for someone like me to be m-mistaken—“

“Someone like you?” I continued to avoid his eyes.

“Yeah. I’m no one—“

Hoseok sat on the bed next to me, surprising me. My eyes finally met his. I felt my breath catch. I didn’t know how to describe the way he looked at me... but it felt so warm.

“I don’t like it when you say that. You always say that.” His warm hand rested on mine forcing butterflies to, once again, take flight in my stomach. “You’re someone. Everyone is someone. You’re special to m—us. To all of us. Being mistaken for your boyfriend... I just don’t want to put you in an awkward position with anyone else.” Who else? “But if I were your boyfriend,” his hands squeezed mine gently. “It wouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about.” The way he looked into my eyes... I felt myself falling deeper into his spell.

I was saved by Hoseok’s phone ringing. He quickly let go of my hand and stood up. He turned away and answered the phone. I held the hand that Hoseok had been holding. It still felt so warm. Hoseok spoke for a few seconds before hanging up. He turned back to me and I quickly tried to pretend that I hadn’t been thinking about how much I wished he hadn’t let go of my hand. How I wished he would never let go.

This time, when his eyes met mine, they looked like Hoseok’s regular, normal eyes, not the ones that seemed so much deeper. He looked nervous again. “Sorry, b-but I have to head in now.”

“O-of course! You have work to do. Don’t let me keep you. I’m just glad that you can stop by, even though you’re so busy. And about the PT, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to come.” That definitely couldn’t be disappointment I saw, even though I almost thought it was.

“You don’t want me to come?”

My eyes widened. “N-no—no, it’s not that. I just know that you’re busy and I don’t want to take away from your time even more than I already do.”

“You’re not... taking my time... I like... coming here.” His voice got so quiet that I almost didn’t hear the last part. “But anyhow,” he voice went back to normal volume, “if you’re okay with it, I’d like to go with you. If I can give you encouragement and help you get better faster... I’d like that.” His voice got quiet at the end again.

I blushed. “If you have free time for that... I’d like that as well. Actually...” {I’m a little scared.} “But only if you have time. Don’t get in trouble just for me.” Hoseok smiled his 1000-watt smile. The one that always forced a smile to my own face.

“Don’t worry. I can manage time very well. Ah—“ he looked up at the clock. “I’ll see you at lunch, if that’s okay?” I nodded shyly.

“S-see you, oppa.” Hoseok’s smile grew wider as he’d walked backwards to the door.

“See you... SooJin-ah.” And then he left.

I held my hands up to my face. How red was I right now? My cheeks hurt a little from smiling so wide. I loved that he made that happen. Even when the others made me smile, only Hoseok could make me smile so wide. His smile was one of a thousand things that made me fall for him. And I fell harder every time I saw him. Then I felt my smile fade. What if he didn’t return my feelings? What if I was just a friend, a sister, to him? I had to be careful of how much I allowed myself to fall. The further I fell, the harder it would be to climb out if my fear was true.

I distracted myself with the laptop Jin had brought for me. A nursing aide helped set up the movie since I couldn’t press the buttons without pressing all the ones around it as well. By the time the movie was over, a nurse informed me the she would take off the bandages now. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my hands as she unwrapped them. I was so afraid of what I would see. Under the gauze was a silver-ish dressing that she also removed. I sighed in relief. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was afraid of. I was informed that there would definitely be scars, but that the scars would not likely be at all noticeable.

Most of the damage was to the heel of my hands and the pads of the fingers. The knuckles were scraped, but not badly. The nurse put small thimble-like gauze pads on my fingertips so that I could keep the dexterity of the fingers without compromising the integrity of the newly healing skin. When I was given a mirror to look at my head wounds, I was very happy to see that, aside from some stitches, the rest of my wounds around my face were quite minor. Most of my wounds seemed to be around the back of my head. I felt a little vain for worrying about that.

Hoseok and Taehyung stopped by for lunch. It was boisterous and loud as Taehyung continued to tease Hoseok about now no longer having an excuse to feed me. It made me a little anxious. I didn’t want Hoseok to feel like Taehyung was forcing the two of us together; I wanted him to decide on his own. Taehyung was the last to leave my room so I threw a miniature bottle of lotion at him.

“Knock it off,” I hissed at him. Taehyung stuck his tongue before saying “make me” and taking off.

Hoseok came back a little later to take me down for a treat. He said he cleared it with the doctor for just one time. He made me keep my eyes closed while he wheeled me to our destination. When he finally told me to open my eyes, we were in the cafeteria. I gave him a questioning look which he responded to with a laugh and pointed to the table next to me. A wondrously beautiful ice cream sundae awaited me. I couldn’t help the elated expression on my face. Hoseok laughed, turned me to the table, and told me to dig in.

When I asked him what it was for, he told me it was for both getting my bandages off and being able to start PT soon. I was about to ask where his was when one of the hospital staff brought it to him. We did a “cheers”, clinking our spoons together, and then started eating. I fought the urge to look at Hoseok, and failed. I looked up to see him looking back at me. He quickly turned back to his ice cream. I let out a little smile. Even though I knew it was unlikely, I kept hoping that what was between us was something more than just friendship, or that it could become that at some point. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me or just in my direction. I allowed myself to hope it was the former.
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