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[ Yanna's POV ]
I vent out all my frustrations to Yoongi and I'm really grateful that he listened to my loud and annoying cry for the past few minutes.
He was embracing me and I felt safe. His arms were warm which made me feel better.
I was still softly crying when he gently cupped my face and now we're both facing each other. My vision was still a bit blurry from crying so much, but I can clearly see the concerned look on his face.
He gently caressed my cheeks and wiped off the tear that managed to escape my eyes.
We were staring at each other and I can't help but admire how soft his features are. His eyes were really dark, his skin was really soft and smooth that you could tell just by looking, and his lips... I could feel my ears staring to heat up especially when his face was getting closer to mine
I knew something was gonna happen. I knew it but I don't know why I didn't bother to move..next thing I know, our lips have met.
It was a soft and gentle kiss but I immediately pushed him to break the kiss.
"S-sorry. I didn't know why I let that happen. I-I have to go."
I immediately stood up, but I stopped when I heard what he said.
"Why him? When will you acknowledge me?"
I turned around and saw him standing with a blank expression in his face, "Excuse me? Oppa. You helped me sort out my feelings for him. Why-"
"I didn't know it was him! I thought you were just asking me random things. You often asked me to go out with you and stuff so I thought you really liked my company. I didn't know you were sorting your feelings through me."
I was speechless. I didn't know I made him feel that way. "I'm sorry. I didn't know that I was misleading you. I should've explai-"
"No." He breathed heavily, "It's my fault. I assumed quickly. I should've known better."
There was a short silence before he spoke again, "But it won't change the fact that I like you, too. And now that everything's clear, and whatever's between you and Tae, I won't let him go so easily after all he's done. I will stay beside you." after that, he began walking again.
"We're back. Just come to me if you need help. I'm here for you." I looked up at him and noticed we're already in front of the dormitory. I didn't even notice since we were silent the whole time.
"Th-thank you, Oppa."
"Let's get inside. I received a few messages from the guys and they're all looking for us. We might've been gone longer than we realized."
I followed him inside and I could smell food. I guess Jin already made supper.
"Come sit, I just finished making dinner. Where have you two been?" Jin oppa said.
The atmosphere was kinda awkward. I sat beside Yoongi oppa, so I was at the end of the table and across me was Taehyung, and beside him was Jimin. Tae was looking intently at me, and all I could do was shift my attention to Jin's question.
"Ah. I just went to the park with Yoongi. I wanted to walk around and get some fresh air. Maybe I laid down too much."
"How are you feeling now? We were really worried when you passed out. Did you forget to eat?" Jimin asked.
"Sorry to worry you. I....Yes. Maybe I just forgot to eat when I left for the hospital a while ago. I'm feeling better now tho." I replied with a smile.
"Take care of yourself, okay? Aaaand let's celebrate getting your cast off!!! Shall we??" Jin asked us with a smile.
Everyone was really excited when Jin said celebrate, except for the guy in front of me.
It's already 10 in the evening when we started celebrating. I didn't know why we had to celebrate getting my cast off but I didn't mind. Since everyone's so busy, maybe this is a good thing to let off some steam. Jin was busy grilling barbeque,. Namjoon was curled up near them reading a book, and Yoongi was being his usual self listening to music in his phone. Hobi. Jimin, and Jungkook was goofing around and trying to make fun of their choreography for Save Me. I saw Tae sitting near the ice box and drinking a soda all alone while watching the 3 guys dancing.
He was obviously taken aback when I sat beside him. I won't tell him that I remember everything. I'll just wait for the right moment to tell him. For now, I just want to feel him. I just confessed my feelings for him yesterday. I don't want that to go down the drain so fast. I also feel guilty about the kiss I had earlier with Yoongi.
"Hey." he answered back. Silence enveloped us for a while. I didn't know what to say. I was about to apologize when he spoke again.
"Why did you leave me a while ago? Why did you go out with hyung instead of me?"
"Uh..I-I wanted to get fresh air. And Yoongi was the closest one to the door. A-and I was feeling embarrassed that I slept on your bed, and passed out in front of you so I asked him out instead. Sorry" I quickly made up an excuse and told him while looking at my hands on my legs. I just hoped he would buy it.
He was quiet for a minute so I looked at him and I saw him smiling.
"Why are you smiling? Shouldn't you be mad?" I asked
"Well yeah. At first I was. But I also guessed that you're probably embarrassed to see me so suddenly and well....you know... go out with me specially since we..." he said trailing off while scratching the back of his head.
I remembered that we kissed yesterday so now my face was really heating up. I can't believe this guy still made my heart beat fast as hell.
"Hey. Don't be embarrassed about me anymore, okay? I was jealous a while ago but now it's all clear...besides, I'm actually glad that you slept on my bed kekeke" he told me with a wide grin on his face
"Oh my God you perv!!!" I was really embarrassed now and I was slapping his arm when suddenly Hobi oppa shouted.
"Okay okay. Celebrations like this ain't fun without the most fun game of all right??" Hobi asked.
"What is it?" Jungkook asked while munching off chicken. Lol so cute.
"SPIN THE BOTTLE OF COURSE" Hobi was goofing around with Taehyung. Good to see that he's back to normal now. "Okay everyone gather around."
I was seated next to Tae, and for some reason Yoongi sat next to my opposite.
Why do I get the feeling that this would be a long night for me?
I'm actually curious if you guys want Yanna x Taehyung....or Yanna x Yoongi?
Also....if you guys want a....erm... smut scene??? Lolololol
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its hard to choose...I want Yanna & Yoongi but then I want her and Taehyung together but he was rude to her so my choice is Yoongi and Yanna!! 😁😁