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Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce that B.A.P's 5th anniversary is coming up on the 27th! To celebrate, the B.A.P Mod Team has arranged for a little Tag Game to celebrate!

Today is the first day, but you can find the schedule here!

Today's theme is: Favorite Era for Each of the Members!

Let's jump right in!

Bang Yongguk

My favorite era for Yongguk would have to be the '어디니? 뭐하니?' era (aka 'Where are You?' era)

I just love how floofy his hair is!! It looks really soft and nice to play with~ It definitely suits him~

Kim Himchan

For me, it was a tough choice between 'Feel So Good' and 'Where are You?', but ultimately I went with 'Feel So Good'!

I really think this silver tone suits Himchan well. I love silver toned hair in general, so seeing Himchan pull it off really made me happy when this song came out!

Jung Daehyun

It was tough, but I wound up going with 'That's My Jam'!

Daehyun's hair was a masterpiece in this era. No joke. I'm a sucker for pastel colors and my two favorites are blue and pink. This hairstyle combines the two of those into the ultimate hairdo~~~

Yoo Youngjae

I almost went with 'That's My Jam', but I made up my mind for '1004' instead!

I'm not sure what it is about this hairstyle, but I think that the combination of messy and clean that this style conveys really works well with Youngjae.

Moon Jongup

I could barely choose between 'Skydive' and 'Young, Wild & Free', but 'Skydive' won by a small merit.

The blue color gives a really nice contrast to his features, and I never would have thought to give him this blue color, but I am so glad they did!

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

Ngl I was this close to going with 'Warrior' However I decided to choose 'That's My Jam' instead!

It's a really cute faded blond tone that I really like! It's also got a very nice messy look to it~
Thanks so much for tuning in! I'll see you tomorrow for the next installment for B.A.P's Anniversary week! ❤

Baby taglist:

If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, let me know in the comments!~

Note: None of the photos, gifs, or videos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ Credit for some of the photos goes to the lovely fansites so took them, and as for the gifs, I'm not positive on the owner since they'd been buried in my phone for a while ;3; but it's from Tumblr, so,,,