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안녕 아미!

Welcome lovely A.R.M.Y.S, it is I J-Hope, your eternal hope! I'll make sure to always post both positive and happy images of myself and the weird ones. Make sure to stay healthy 아미 and to always smile. Follow me on my SNS': Twitter Snow YouTube V App I'll make sure to post as frequent as I can. **Only Englisheu speakeu time**
What you will get on my Twitter account: Gifs Pics Gifs and status updates. #hashtags of #sope or #YoonSeok #2seok #NamSeok #VHope #JiHope #JungHope
What you will get on my SNOW account: -me bringing you much brightness to your day! Especially on holidays like Christmaseu.
What you will get on my YouTube account: -personal diary entries -special appearances by the members. -A few choreography videos -Clips of every other day -some sunshine -song and danceu covers -Me!! Hope you show some love.
What you will get on my V App account: Exclusive pics, messages, chats, behind the scenes (before release), live streams and lots of Hope!!
Show 방탄소년단 lots and lots of love. We will continue to work hard and bring you a better side of us. Please stay healthy and happy. "If you don't work hard, there won't be good results." 사람은 아미! ♡♡♡♡♡~
See you lovely 아미 every Friday and special occasions ...omo.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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This was so cute!
😣😣😣😣😣 I'm still alive
I clicked on the picture thinking it was really a video 😂
jaja omo!!! some of them are jaja
I love this!
I love you!!