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Because this is a show where you compete to eventually win money, and he initially stated it was his original composition this man could land himself in very hot water, even if the crappy harmonies and terrible rap was yours, the music isn't, even though you said it was... Bad move Mr. very bad move. And to top it off you insult one of the fastest growing fandoms in the world... this fool is clearly asking for trouble... well he'll find it that's for sure...
I love how K-Pop fans, even though we sometimes have a tendency to aggressively fan war amongst ourselves, we can turn around and fight alongside each other, putting aside our differences to defend our love of Kpop and our idols, the moment anyone has the audacity to insult us and the music we like, we are so quick to stand together.... even if occasionally it gets a little out of hand XD
The last part is wrong of him to say, the young people fact (as im young myself) but he has a point of the 'saying of immoral things' he might have out right forgot to put the credits or not but hes still human and words hurt, that being said SOME hardcore kpop fans can be very hurtful without thinking, so hes right on that point.
It's kinda annoying, first the Eyes, Nose, Lips insident with Taeyang and now this. Wth people 😐
Wow. Such bullshit. Own up to your mistake like a man.
I saw the post but I didn't open it to read or see what happened because it made me so mad
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