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Hey guys, here we go I'll be able to post the first Part later today, but here are the character profiles. I hope you like them. And let me know if you'll want to tagged in the comments. 😁😁😁 thanks.
Y/N: Y/N she had just finished school and lives in a two-story apartment with four bedroom. With her 2 best girl friends. You had known them since you were kids. Your had just finished working for a YG boy group, Got7, you had stood with them for about 4 months, and started to gain feelings for their very talented dancer, Jackson, but you do have a boyfriend. That didn't like the fact you had started dancing and working with boy groups. Which was made possible a year ago when you worked for Sm, and danced with Exo, and your old best friend Chanyeol. You were happy till you realized your boyfriend was playing a game with your heart, and you didnt know how to play. Jung Hoseok: He had heard that he would have a new dance partner to help him out with the group. They were learning fine, but it took long having to teach and help them individually. So having some help would nice, till he found out it was a girl, he thought the other members mainly the younger ones would be intimidated, but his manager said that shes the best in the business, and had worked for Exo, Got7, and many more groups. So trusted him. Then met her the nicest girl ever, that could dance her way to heaven, she got along with guys great and even Jungkook was happy to work with her, being the awkward boy he is. He was her support and she was his they, are a great dancing pair. And Hope was happy to call her his partner. Park Chanyeol: Chanyeol was happy, to stay in touch with his childhood bestie Y/N, she would support him through his career, and he would do the same for her, he knew she loved dancing and that it was practically her life, other than him of course, so when he heard that Kia was looking for a dance partner to help him teach the others he hopped for the opportunity for her. Which lasted a 6 months. And that started her start for boy group dance help, not only girl. She did have more of a guy hip hop style anyway. And he liked seeing her at other shows with other groups. She would bring our friends Lily and Makenzie along with her too, so that was also a plus. Jackson Wang: Ever since y/n came. Ive been more happy, but when wed go out for coffee she would always suggest her boyfriends coffee shop, what she doesnt know is Ive seen him around, he goes to more clubs with that same girl every Friday night. But I dont know how to tell her, shes been dating him for 2 years, but hes also been with that girl for a year. I hope someday I can find a way to tell her about him, and how I feel. It would be awful to see her with a guy like that. She does stay with two friends, there really nice, and shes working for bangtang now, those are my brothers, maybe I can tell them…. Lily Makenzie: They had been friend with Y/N for years and when they were old enough bought a house with her, they were always supportive and loved living together. Sometimes worried about Y/N boyfriend, but loved seeing her happy. Ex boyfriend but also boyfriend at the beginning that will not have a name because…….. I dont know: He had been dating Y/N for over 2 years now, but he did have a bit of a temper, he told Y/N this before they started dating, saying that he does get violent but would never hurt her. Though a couple times left a nasty bruise on her. And what he hated the most was when the girlfriends he loved would break up with him.
I like this. I am excited to start reading it!
well god damn son, girl you to purtty to be with a cheater who cares if he loves you if he really loves you he would not be out with the same slut for a year when you guys have been together for 2 years like thats messed up and he violent to hell no back away gurl you dont beed him you need jesus bangtan got7 and exo thats all you need they can all be your bf's i mean they all gorgeous and they all like you so might as well date them instead of that violent person who "claims" he love you when he been cheating on you for a year in your relationship
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i read it and its amazing!!! like damn im in love with this! pls tag me in it im wow just wow love it!!~