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A/N: I have no idea why i suddenly wrote this but hope you guys enjoy! Summary: Given the chance to save the man you love. Missed the beginning? C L I C K H E R E Missed the last chapter? C L I C K H E R E
Three years since that incident. Most of it was now just forgotten. Hoseok and Namjoon finally treats you like a friend rather than a boss. Your dad has finally retired to the beautiful Bahamas leaving the company in your hands. Since the wedding you hadn't see your mother or your brother but you always felt at peace knowing they were watching you. Namjoon was going to get married soon. Taehyung had finally found a girl he can cherish forever. Yoongi has still been the successful self producing man he has been but this time with the collaboration of your companies you all had an empire. Jungkook is now not so arrogant. All his events are all affiliated with charities that he feels should matter. Everything was the same between you and Jimin. Well except for one thing. "Ahhh! Fuck!" You grabbed Jimin's hand as the doctor laughed while you continued to cry in agonizing pain.,"Push Y/N...I can almost see the baby." You immediately regret not taking the epidural. "Why didn't you convince me more!?!" Jimin looked at you with a worried look on his face,"I'm sorry !!" That's right you two were about to become first time parents. You nodded as you breathed and then gave one last push. You then relaxed the sweat dripping down on your face. You tried to catch your breathe as you got dizzy but heard the cries of the baby. "Wow! Y/N you did great! Baby #2 is a girl and very healthy. They look so beautiful." You heard the doctor say as you looked to the right to see Jimin holding up your twins. Well a parent of two. "Jimin Y/N needs to rest remember the labor process is still too much for her. She can see the babies after we stabilize her." Jimin nodded as he took the twins and kissed your forehead,"Rest up babe you did well." You nodded closing your eyes. The pain was slowly subsiding but it kept you up for the most part. When you had woken up in your hospital room you notice Hoseok, Namjoon, Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook were all making a fuss at the babies. They surrounded the babies like a bunch of vultures circling their next prey. You smiled finding the scene very foreign and kind of hilarious actually. "Ohh she's so pretty she has her her dad's cheeks! Oh and he has her mom's nose." Then you heard Hoseok say to Taehyung,"What are you talking about she has Y/N's angelic smile! And he has his dad's death glare. Great at keeping the boys away from Ji Eun when they get older." The boys laughed and you smiled at them glad that Ji Eun and Jin Ho were going to grow up loved by their uncles. Hoseok then walked up to you holding on to his cane limping a little,"Oh look at this mommy is finally awake." You smiled as you still couldn't believe that after years of rehabilitation Hoseok was able to walk again. Although they said it was impossible Hoseok made the impossible possible. "Where's Jimin?" Taehyung then handed you a glass of water,"In the restroom." You smiled at the direction of the twins as you brought the cup to your lips and swallowed the cooling water immediately quenching any lingering thirst,"Can I see them?" Namjoon smiled as he grabbed Ji Eun and Jungkook grabbed Jin Ho before Namjoon can,"I wouldn't even trust him with a baby let alone two." You laughed as they handed you the twins. They were beautiful. Ji Eun had the cutest baby fat on her cheeks all while she had my plump lips. Jin Ho had a glow in his eyes like Jimin's and my sharp nose. You started to tear up. "Why're you crying?" You looked at Jimin, who just got back from the restroom, teary eyed as you shook your head,"Nothing it's just...I never thought I'd be at this point in my life...Jimin we went through so much and now here we are with not just one but two kids." You then motioned at the boys in the room,"And they have such caring and wonderful uncles...Ji Eun and Jin Ho will definitely grow up to so loved and so cared for." You sniffled a little,"I am just so thankful." You wiped your tears as you watched Jimin holding your twins. You thought to yourself that this is where you wanted to be. This is what you fought for all this time. Being with Jimin and your greatest friends. Being surrounded by those you loved. Knowing that the twins will also grow up surrounded by all this love and joy reassured you. Knowing that they had each other reassured you that there will be no days that the twins suffer alone because they had each other. That made you happy. This made you happy. They made you happy.

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I'm crying it's sooo beautiful 😭
thank youuu im glad you enjoyed it!