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Hello everyone!!

This is part 3 of my theory for EXO's "23 Teasers." This is a continuation on part 2, where I was describing each of the different theories. So if you missed part 2 then I definitely recommend that you check that out or else you're going to be so lost.

Missed out on my other theories? Don't worry, I got your back!

-EXO Theories

The Teasers Part 2

*If you have not watched the video before then I recommend that you do, so that the theory makes more sense!!*

Start on 10:57 in the video if you're following along. I am starting on teaser 12, so if you missed out on teasers 1-11 then you should probably go check out part 2 first and then come back to this one.

Teaser 12: Okay, so in this dream Kai and Lay are in a warehouse, very similar to the one in teaser 10. It seems Kai was there waiting for Lay, and they are both acting kind of rugged and gangster like (can I say that?). I think this dream is indicating more towards one of the trials that they have to face, kind of like what I was saying in teaser 10, and is showing how dark the members are becoming. You can really see the darkness and power in this dream through their dance, the scenery, and the way they're acting.

Teaser 13: So this dream with Sehun was also seen in the "What Is Love" MV and I chose not to go into too much depth with it since I had no idea how it was suppose to relate to the theory. But even though this scene was in the MV I don't think it's a memory. Or well, a memory from before the society. This dream, using the two different Sehuns, is showing more of the trials or jobs that the members had to do for the society. The two Sehuns are showing how they had to disguise themselves and is also showing that they didn't go on just one job, but multiple ones. And by doing all these jobs they're kind of forgetting who they once were (reason why the second Sehun disappeared). That's what I think this teaser is trying to show us, but in more of in a dream like way, so it makes it hard to tell exactly what's going on here.

Teaser 14: This teaser is a continuation of the last teaser, but from Kai's point of view who is disguised as a coat rack(?). I think this is trying to show that the members can hide in plain sight and they can perform these tasks that the society wants them to do without them ever getting found out. Kai dancing with Sehun's hat and coat makes me think that it's suppose to show more of how they can disguise themselves as anyone, but I'm also thinking that it's showing us that Kai is realizing that he's not human anymore. But I actually think he's more making fun of it than really mourning over the idea. I think he likes not being human anymore, at least for now. And then Sehun comes back and Sehun could either be a representation of a human and shows how he didn't notice Kai, but what I'm really thinking this scene is trying to show is that the members are even hiding from each other. Keeping secrets from each other. That's why Kai starts to dance again while Sehun continues working on whatever he was doing before. Maybe the society is giving them their jobs in secret and purposely is trying to pull them away from each other.

Teaser 15: Okay, this is another scene that was shown in the "What Is Love" MV, but again, I don't think this one is a memory, but another job. In the MV I said that this scene could've been any number of things. But I think this scene is showing Tao on one of his jobs for the society. This scene is shown in more depth than the one in the MV and it shows him fighting multiple guys, and not just one like in the MV. This teaser is showing more of how their jobs and what they're doing for the society is much darker than what could of first been interpreted. I'm saying this based on the darkness of the scene and how they're all wearing black. The flowy stuff they're wearing also makes me think of shadows and darkness, but I don't know. Also, whether the guys that Tao was fighting were good or bad isn't really pointed out, but either way, the society didn't want them around anymore.

Teaser 16: Wow okay, so many memories and things that were in "What Is Love"!! Alright, this one is showing the memory of D.O and Suho and when they were found by the society. Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure they're the ones who knew the most about the society, that's why there's all the books and knickknacks and such. At first, I don't think D.O and Suho knew each other, but since they were both researching about the society they ended up finding each other. The way they act is a bit unnerving, same with their expressions and stares, which makes me think: Since they seemed to be the ones with the most knowledge about the society....Did they know what the true intents of the society were and that's why they were looking for them? That would indicate that Suho and D.O also have the same intent as the society, meaning that they're not exactly the good guys either (?), but to be honest, you can really say that about all the members. None of them seem to be good...anymore. Oh, and at the end of the teaser it zooms out and it shows them looking at something further away from them (at the camera) and I think that's indicating that the society found them. Also why there's an eclipse in the scene.

Teaser 17: Wow alright, another scene from "What Is Love"!! This one is showing Kris's scene and it shows him walking up to the top of a building wearing all white. So I'm pretty sure the society already got to him since at the end he does have the power of flight. Now, whether he's just showing how powerful the society made him or if he's regaining some of his humanity is not very clear. I feel like he's kind of doing a little bit of both. He knows that what the society is doing is wrong, but he also doesn't care since he has powers now. This is the first time we actually see one of the members really show off the powers that they're given. Kris has the power of flight and that's the power he's given and sticks with.

Teaser 18: Okay, so now we're back to dreams (cx). We once again have Kai in this teaser and he looks like he's trying to be a badass or a gangster or something, probably indicating towards the idea that what they're doing is a big no no to humans (xD). And how the lights are moving around him and the scene looks like an alleyway, which kind of makes me think that this is him messing around in the human world and that the humans are trying to catch him and such, but since he has powers now the humans can't touch him. That's why Kai is smiling while dancing, and seems to be having fun.

Teaser 19: Alright, another memory that was shown in "What Is Love" (cX). Anyway, like I said in the theory for the MV, this scene probably is shown more to show that the members were once human since Chen, Lay, and Baekhyun all seem to be normal dudes just living their lives. I was first thinking that they didn't know that much about the society, but Lay definitely seems to know way more then I first had thought. When the eclipse comes, he immediately walks over to look at it, smiles, and the eclipse is then even reflected in his eye. Chen and Baekhyun are also smiling, but the way Lay called them over makes me think that Lay knew about the society and met Chen and Baekhyun then told them about it. They were probably interesting to the society or something, or Lay thought they were interesting and chose to pull them in along with him. Lay you sly dog you!

Teaser 20: Okay, this memory is of Chanyeol and was also shown in the "What Is Love" MV. Except it's showing it in more depth. So Chanyeol is finding hints and things about the society and he even found a book relating to them. This teaser actually shows us a page from the book and it talks about the Tree of Life and the 12 Duchess of power (which is referring to the members). The book is talking about how if you bring these 12 powers together, which were separated to protect the world from an evil (?), and then these two halves (6 and 6 members) together will create a new world... Alright then cx I'll probably talk more about this theory in the "History" or "Mama" theory since those will probably hold more hints about what this is referring to. I have some ideas about it, but it would take way too long to describe what I'm thinking and there are still more teasers to discuss!! Anyway, the memory continues and Chanyeol finds Suho's mark on a stone, which was basically calling him to it. Then the society shows up (the eclipse). And when Chanyeol nods at the end, it's him nodding to the society telling them that he'll join them.

Teaser 21: So I think this dream is showing us more of how the members will never be the same again and how much the society has changed them blah blah blah. But what I mainly think this scene is showing is how alone the members really are. Previously, the other teasers had Kai's dances be so much more powerful and in your face (along with the music) but this one seems to hold sadness and loneliness (also thanks to the song), that's also probably why Kai's shadow is shown dancing with him. This dream is just trying to show that even though they've changed and turned evil (?) that they were still once humans and still have some humanity left inside of them, which is being shown through their loneliness.

Teaser 22: Umm so in this dream it has Sehun and Lay dancing in a white box like room. I think this one is trying to show us a representation of their minds (?) and how they're kind of confused about the light and darkness/good and evil (which is why the room and their outfits are black and white) and also why the room is spinning. But, this scene could just be showing the society doing a test on them and that's why they're so together and on point in the dance, and why they're so serious. That would also make sense why when they're done they freeze in place while staring at the ground, and why it zooms out of the room to Kai.

Teaser 23: So for the final teaser, it isn't a dream or a memory. It's showing the members in the present and how they're with the society. This teaser is showing how the society has completely taken over the 12 boys and turned them into the perfect "monsters" *cough cough* I mean, "creations." The boys are completely under the society's control and this teaser is just showing us that with how perfect their dancing is (also showing how powerful they've become) and why they look so emotionless. The members have been completely changed by the society, and that there's no turning back for them now.

Well, that's all I have to say about the teasers (or all that I should say about them cX).

Since this card is long enough as is, I will be talking about how the songs (?) relate to the teasers and theory in part 4, and I'll be summarizing and concluding the theory for these teasers in part 4 as well ^-^

If you would like to see what else I have to say then look forward to part 4 of this theory that will be released in 2 hours. Thank you to anyone who does~^^

Click here to continue to part 4: "The 23 Teasers" Part 4

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