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Basic Info

Name: Lee Dong Wook D.O.B: November 6th, 1981 in Seoul, S. Korea Blood Type: B (I don't even wanna know how the hell we find this kind of stuff out...)

Acting Career


•The Beauty Inside (2015) - as Woo-Jin •The Recipe (2010) - as Kim Hyun-Soo •Heartbreak Library (2008) - as Joon-Ho •The Perfect Couple (2007) - as Kang Jae Hyuk •Arang (2006) - as Hyun-Ki

TV and Dramas

Goblin (2016) - as the Grim Reaper •Bubblegum (2015) - as Park Ri-Hwan •Blade Man (2014) - as Joo Hong-Bin •Hotel King (2014) - as Cha Jae-Wan •The Fugitive of Joseon (2013) - as Choi Won •Wild Romance (2012) - as Baseball player Park Moo-Yeol •Scent of a Woman (2011) - as Kang Ji-Wook •The Partner (2009) - as Lee Tae-Jo •Bittersweet Life (2008) - as Lee Joon-Soo •My Girl (2005-2006) - as Sol Kong-Chan •Bride from Hanoi (2005) - as Park Eun-Woo

Older dramas...

•Precious Family (2004) •What Happened on Island? (2004) •Land of Wine (2003) •Do the Right Thing (2002) •Loving You (2002) •Pure Heart (2001) •School 3 (2000) •School 2 (1999)


THIS MAN... does an amazing job acting! I look forward to any drama or movie he will be in, in the future!


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He is one of my favorite actors ❤
He is so hot!
he is 😍😍
Hahaha exactly! 😍😍😫😱😱