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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Jackson Length: 1741 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part: 1/?
You were friends with the guys for almost a year now, and they've become some of your closest friends. You've been so thankful you were able to help them with their choreography, there all really good dancers, even some points. You had danced with plenty of famous groups before, your last group was Got7. They were very good dancers, and Jackson and Mark taught you some amazing moves that you would've never been able to learn on your own. There was also Exo they were the first boy group you helped before, and you had only gotten that job because of your old best friend Chanyeol. He had been your friend along with two girls, and you loved him. He knew you loved to dance and once he heard about the opportunity for you, he jumped in it. Which made you and there main dancer Kia become pretty close as friends. It was kinda early when you got to the studio to find the guys waiting outside. They usually open the doors by this time, why are they not open yet? "Hey Y/N!" J-hope said giving you a big hug, while the other guys waved and smiled, except Yoongi who was falling asleep leaning on the wall. You gave them all warm smiles back before asking, "Whats going on, shouldnt they be open? " "We called our manager, he said hes on his way with a spare key"Jungkook said fighting back a yawn, you nodded and put your headphones in, while the others went back to their phones. It didnt take long for their manager to arrive and when they opened the door, they noticed they were redoing the floor and sealing. "Well I guess you guy are lucky, you can have the day off, but be ready to dance tomorrow the manager "said while the guys suddenly were awake and ready to leave. "Were gonna go shopping, you wanna come with us? "Taehyung said with the cute smile that always makes you happy. "No, you guys go have fun Ill just relax today."You said as they waved you by as you made your way to your car. You decided that you could go to your boyfriends coffee shop, it was just a couple streets down. He had been your boyfriend for about 2year and 6 months now. You hadnt been spending much time with him since you got the new job, but he never seemed to mind how much time youve spent with bangtang. You jump from the sudden flash light from your phone. You got a text from Makenzie, your best friend since childhood, her and your other friend Lily shared a house together. You couldnt hang out them because even though you had the day off they didnt. From Kenzie: Hey Y/N, me and Lilly are going to get more supplies for our protection, well call you later! 💖💜 You replied with k and headed to the coffee shop, there werent any parking spots up front so you parked around back. The place was always packed and getting coffee was hard, even while being in a relationship with an employee, but it was really good coffees for a pretty reasonable price. You had walked in with and had spotted him immediately, and he waved your way, but before you could wave back you heard a girl that came in behind you say his name and run passed you to him. You stood there in disbelief on what you were seeing, she walked behind the counter and he had lifted her up on it and just started to place his lips wherever he could get them on. Then a lady behind you tapped your shoulder probably noticing you were staring like a creep, but you didnt care. This was supposedly YOUR boyfriend. "Hey dont be to surprise they do this everyday, you get used to it. "You were shocked, HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?! "How long?"You said clenching your jaw in rage, trying not to scream. "I think a year now, why? "This is why he had stopped caring he had been cheating on you since you got that job with the guys. He hadnt had any problems before when you worked with Exo or Got7, but then again he had pushed himself away a little then too. Without answering the lady you ran out of the coffee shop to your car, how could he! You sat there thinking, contemplating what the hell he was thinking. Had the two years meant nothing, you werent cheating on him with anyone! Then you decided if hes going to treat you like a game, youre going to show him how its played, have him be the one guessing and looking stupid, not you. You started the car and had a very specific place in mind on where to go, his house. There were no time for tears you wanted him out of your life and wanted him to have no belongings of yours. You had gotten there and used the spare key he gave you and grabbed everything that was yours. You had packed up as much as you could in an hour. It was getting late and it was around the time he got off, so you tried to hurry. You had only a few more things to get from his room then youd be gone. Your charger and your luck charm were in the floor by his body mirror, you ran to pick them up and stopped dead in your tracks when you had heard the floor creak behind you. He was home you started to turn your head but was stopped he had thrown a vase that was near him your way, hitting you slamming your head into his mirror. It took you a minute to process what was happening, at first you thought it had been that bitch in the cafe that through it but no. When you had turned around it was just him standing there, with a wicked grin on his face, trying to hide his anger, and wasnt doing a very good job. "What the hell do you think youre doing baby?" You sat there holding your head with a new bruise on your left side from the vase, and a fresh cut from the mirror on your right cheek. Hissing in pain. When you spotted his metal curtain rod he hadnt put up yet. Youve been telling to do that for the past week because you always fell on it the mornings after stay over. For once you were happy he never listened to you. You grabbed the rod turned around swinging with all the strength and anger you had. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD! YOURE GONNA FUCKING REGRET THAT!" I know where the hell to find you! He yelled at you as you grabbed your stuff and booked it to your car after yelling fuck you probably loud enough for his whole neighborhood could hear but its not like you cared. You hadnt had time to check your phone but you had had 16 missed calls, 9 from your roommates, and 7 from the guys. You had gotten to your house and left the stuff in your car. Running in and locking the door behind you. You flopped on the couch still breathing heavy not being able to hold back the tears that fell from your eyes. The anger was gone and all that was left was pain. You went to the bathroom and was looking at the new blemishes you had on your face, still crying. He had only hit you a few times before, and he had always told you they were on accident but now you knew he meant them all. You stood there staring when you heard banging on your door, you had ran to the kitchen grabbed the small frying pan on the table while dialing 911 on the house phone, you went to the door ready to fight, and froze at what you saw. You saw J-hope and the rest of the guys. You were relieved and drop the frying pan, which now seemed stupid to grab in the first place, what the hell was this Scary Movie? You felt like you need to give them an explanation but when Hoseok asked what the hell had happened, you didnt say a thing and he knew you were hurt so hugged you as you both fell to the ground while you cried in his arms. Which you hated doing the guys had never seen you cry before so this was extra embarrassing. You had gotten yourself together and let them in hope still not letting go of you as you made your way to the couch, and explained to them what had happened. "Theres no fucking way were leaving her here alone, that assfuck will be looking for her, and this is the first place hell check." Rap monster said to the other members. Then you had thought why are the guys here you saw them this morning and they said theyd be shopping all day. "What are you guys doing here anyway, how did you know I needed you?" I felt a little guilty for ruining their day fun and clothes. "We were on our way to get lunch when Lilly and Mackenzie called us up screaming saying you werent answering their calls, and then when we tried and got nothing we got worried too" Jungkook said putting a wet towel on the cut on your cheek to wipe away the dryer blood away. "And we had something to be worried about, just look what that piece of shit did to her!" Jimin said as he brushed a hand through his hair. You could tell the boys were worried but more mad than anything. You especially knew J-hope was the way he held you close to him. While sitting there you couldnt stop thinking about that prick, yes he hurt you, but you loved him, as much as it hurt you to say it, it was the truth. Now that you were able to see his true colors, you still couldnt believe that the perfect angel he had been was just a mask over a real piece of shit. Your thoughts stopped once you heard the door burst open. "Y/N I swear to god Im going to kill you!"
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Wow, I like this. What a story!