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Full video on my YouTube @Aloha.warren only 1 part uploaded the rest will be soon too. And parts on my ig @duckfuckz Help spread the word about this and the corrupt police and their UNNECESSARY violence that's spreading around the world. I was there and experienced everything I wasn't the one video tapping but the one holding the girl yelling back from hitting the cop because she was my good friend standing up for this boy and I wasn't gonna let her get arrested or pined and hurt for hitting the off duty cop. COP OR NOT YOU AINT GOTTA BE UP ON NO BOY LIKE DIS. For "claiming"he went and pop one firework, the "actual" fucken kid who popped the firework popped one in front of me and @majestyvallerie and ran on top the 2nd floor like bruh? And you still all up on this kid pffft what kind of fucked shit is this ? Even if he did do it YOU DONT GO UP ON NO KID LIKE DAT LIKE HE IS OVER THERE FUCKEN HURTING AND THEN πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌwhat kind of cop is this ? TELL ME PLEASE 😀 HE AINT EVEN ON DUTY and he be up on this kid AND THAT FUCKAH NEVER LIKE SHOW US HIS BADGE and he kept denying it AND DONT BE SAYING SHIT IF U WANST THERE AND AINT KNOW THE FACTS ME AND MAJESTY WAS THERE IN PERSON AND SHE WAS THE THE ONE YELLING AND STANDING UP FOR THIS BOY SO IF U THINK U KNOW WHASSSUP YOU DONT fuck outta heaπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹@guy.hagi.official @nbcnews @worldstar @foxnews @hawaiinewsnow @hawaiinews