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So this is the continuation of >> this << following after @tinytreeleaf add on >> here <<
“You’ve reached the voicemail box of..” The phone sang for the millionth time. With a sigh I quickly ended the call, tossing my phone onto the couch. “He still not answering?” Yongguk cooed coming up behind me. “No it always goes straight to voicemail.” I pouted leaning into his touch. “Don’t worry I’m sure he will come back soon.” He smiled reassuringly. “I don’t know he has been gone over a week without any contact.” I grumbled softly, looking away. “Hey now, I promise he will come back, even if I have to track him down and drag him back here myself.” Yongguk laughed gently rocking us side to side. “I will hold you to that Oppa.” I chuckled laying my head against his shoulder. “What are you two doing so early?” Daehyun grumbled from across the room. “Good morning to you too Dae.” I smiled brightly. “Yeah Good morning Noona.” He waved, heading into the kitchen. “Hey Noona, can I talk to you?” Jongup smiled, as he walked into the room. “Of course, what’s going on Uppie?” I nodded quickly. “I will go make sure Daehyun doesn’t burn down the house, while you two talk.” Yongguk smiled as he quickly placed a kiss on my cheek. “Noona well.. You know how I am Liyah’s Ub right?” He mumbled nervously. “Well yeah I know that.” I smiled taking hold of his hands, trying to calm his nerves. “I know this isn’t the best time, but I think I should stay over there.” He muttered looking away. “Of course, I will still come and stay on the weekends!” He quickly added afraid I would misunderstand. “Well, how can I say no.” I smiled brightly. “Just as long as I get to see you on the weekends, but you tell me if Jaebum picks on you at all and I will personally come over there!” I smirked causing him to erupt with laughter. “I promise Noona, but I already talked to the others about me stepping down to 5th.” He smiled with determination. “Wait, you are giving your spot to Niel?” I mutter shocked. “It’s only fair, since I won’t be here except weekends.” He beamed. “If that is what you decided, I won’t stop you.” I smiled sadly. “I won’t leave Noona, I promise you will see me every weekend. If you get too lonely you can always come over to liyahs.” He laughed quickly hugging me. “Food is done!” Daehyun yelled making us erupt with laughter, as we made our way to eat breakfast. - 4 hours later - “Is that your phone Noona?” Bobby pointed towards the couch where a loud buzz was coming from. “Did I turn my ringtone off!”I panicked rushing towards the couch. “You have 3 missed calls from Bren” The phone read, just seconds before it started ringing once again. “Hello?” I quickly answered walking into an empty room. “Sam?” The voice questioned unsure. “Yes? Who is this and why do you have Bren’s phone?”I puzzled aloud. “It’s Jin.”He whispered followed by the sound of a door closing. “Everyone asked me not to call, but since this kind of was bren’s fault I feel like I owe it to you.” He rushed hardly making any sense. “ Slow down Jin, what’s going on?” I questioned, trying to figure out where this was heading. “Jungkook. I can tell you where he is.” He sighed getting straight to the point. “Wait you’re going to tell me?!” I shouted a little too loudly as hope danced before my eyes. “Yes, but you didn’t hear it from me.” He stressed. “You got it.” I shouted as he laughed. “He just left with Yoongi, to stay over there.” He softly whispered. “You mean he is at Mic’s?” I sighed, annoyed I didn’t check their first. “Yeah.” Jin quickly said before the line went dead. “Hello?” I stupidly mumbled already knowing he hung up. “Guys, I will be back in a little bit. I have to talk to Mic about something!” I yelled walking towards the door. “Do you want someone to go with you?” Yongguk questioned from behind me causing me to jump. “No, I think I will be okay. I will be home shortly.” I smiled walking over towards him. “Call if you need us okay?” He cooed pulling me into his arms. “Promise.” I smiled as he softly kissed me. “Stay safe.” He smiled watching me walk away. “Always.” I called backed before turning to leave. “Mic, I know you are home open the door!” I knocked for the 7th time with no answer. With a frustrated sighed, I rushed around the back of the house hoping she left the window unlocked. “Yes!” I cried with joy quickly pushing the window open jumping inside. Only for my foot to get caught causing me to fall face first into the hard floor. “Fxxk that hurt.” I whined, covering my nose with my hands. “Noona, what are you doing here?” Jungkook questioned baffled as the three of them stood in the doorway. “Did you seriously just break into my house?” Mic erupted with laughter clutching her sides. “Why are you covering your face Noona?” Yoongi questioned with a smirk. “Oh my god, you broke into my house, and fell on your face!” Mic erupted with laughter falling to the ground. “Why did you break in anyway?” Jungkook questioned not moving any closer. “Well, I heard you were here, and no one was answering the door so..” I muttered looking away. “So, you break into the house.” Mic started laughing even harder. “Noona, no one answered because we just got here in time to watch you run to the back of the house.” Jungkook sighed slowly heading over. “So, you broke into Mic’s house because you heard I was here?” He smirked coming to a stop in front of me. “Of course! I haven’t seen nor heard from you in over a week!” I pouted, making his grin grow. “So, you missed me that much?” He questioned smugly. “Of course I did idiot I wouldn’t be breaking into Mic’s and breaking my face if i didn’t miss you.” I hissed pointing towards my completely red nose. “That’s why you don’t break and enter.” Mic laughed now standing up, but leaning into Yoongi for support. “Well..” I muttered looking away as heat rose to my face. “Well, I won’t forgive you.” Jungkook Huffed looking away. “Wait what?” I asked baffled looking towards him. “I said I’m not going to forgive you that easy.” He smirked looking back towards me. “It’s going to cost you.” He smiled inching closer. “Cost.. cost me what?” I stuttered slowly backing away. “A kiss.” he beamed pointing towards his cheek. “K-kiss?!” I panicked looking towards Mic. “Don’t look at me, I won’t help you.” She laughed waving as they went to another room leaving us alone. “I guess you didn’t miss me like you say.” He sighed turning to walk away. “Wait! Of course I did! It’s just a k-kiss..” I mumbled clinging onto his arm preventing him from leaving. “Yep, just a small kiss on the cheek, and all if forgiven.”He smirked bending down slightly. “Fine. Just don’t look!” I huffed taking a deep breath. “Anything you say Noona.” He laughed closing his eyes. “Okay.. 3..2…” I started to count down as i slowly inched closer towards his cheek. Just as my lips were almost touching his cheek, he turned his head making our lips collide. “1.” He smirked watching me jump back till my back was touching the wall. “Y-you said cheek!” I gasped covering my lips. “Changed my mind.” He grinned placing his arms on each side of me. “Of course I missed you too Noona, I wasn’t leaving.” He boasted proudly. “I justed wanted you to come to me first. Thank god Jin hyung broke down, and called you.” He chuckled bringing his face inches away from mine as his breath danced across my lips. “Wait you staged this?” I asked baffled. “Of course Noona, I had to get you back some how.” He cooed closing the distance between us as his lips danced onto mine. “You can’t get rid of me that easy Noona.” Jungkook purred pulling back to glance into my eyes. “Kookie you have been around your hyungs too long.” I sighed, laying my head onto his chest. “Let’s go home.” I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me. “Home sounds perfect Noona.” He beamed as we headed towards the door.
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