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Hello Blinkies!~
Here's a bit of the interview CL had with Ilgan Sports and when Blackpink was brought up, here's how she handled those questions like a boss.
Q: The ones who are labeled as the "second 2NE1," Blackpink, debuted.
CL: I'm reminded of our old days when I see them promoting. I had thoughts that we used to work hard just like them as well.
Q: Did you sometimes give any advice?
CL: To be honest I have to focus on myself and got my own things to worry about. I'm not in a position to offer advice to others.
Q: How do you feel when people say Blackpink is the "second 2NE1"?
CL: When 2NE1 first debuted, we were also labeled as the "second Big Bang." It's only natural since we're both from the same label. I believe it shows we have a lot of influence so I don't feel bad. Blackpink and 2NE1's colors are very different.
I think that it's obvious many people would compare these two amazing girl groups because of the company and because they are a girl group. But as CL rightfully stated they are both different from one another. In no way can Blackpink ever be 2NE1 just like 2NE1 could never be Blackpink. They both are very individualistic and yeah there's bound to be similarities but one could never be a replacement for the other. I think people just have to respect them as individuals and not compare one to the other.
What do you guys think?
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Its understandable that people are going to compare these groups with each other. They are both from same company. But they do have different sounds between them.
As graceful as always, a true queen. ♡