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Can you?
Attack on titan, Another, plastic memories, samurai champloo, cowboy bebop, gate, parasite maximum, rosario vampire, strike the blood, Tokyo ghoul, soul eater, vampire knight, hellsing, Gurren lagann, full Metal Alchemist, kill la kill, Kazemi no stigma, one punch, angel beats, berserk, fairy tale
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Fairy Tail, Maid Sama, Magi, Fruits Basket, Souleater, Say I Love You, Free, Kimi no Baka, Ouran Host Highschool Club, DIabolk Lovers, Vampire Knight, Food Wars, Squid Girl, My sister Can't Be That Cute, Candy Boy, Hayiku, Working, WWW. Working, Hunter X Hunter, Inuyasha, Noragami! Btw I'm not even a otaku. Sorry :/ I just enjoy watching anime but not crazy for it. I kw way way more than 20 animes that I love, kw or want to watch. :)
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1.) Kamigami No Asobi 2.) Blue Spring Ride 3.) Say I Love You 4.) Yuri!!! On Ice 5.) Pandora Hearts 6.) Toradora 7.) Seven Deadly Sins 8.) Magi 9.) Kimi Ni Todoke 10.) Gunslinger Girl 11.) Red Data Girl 12.) Kamisama Kiss 13.) Black Butler 14.) My Little Monster 15.) Noragami 16.) Soul Eater 17.) Jellyfish Princess 18.) Bakaramon 19.) Blue Exorcist 20.) Orange
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1. Yu yu hakusho 2. Drifters 3. keijo 4. the 35th platoon 5. konosuba 6. danmachi 7. shokugeki no soma 8. one hero 9. wanna be the strongest 10. momokyun sword 11 monster musume 12. interview with a monster girl 13. poco's udon world 14. masamune-kuns revenge 15. sweetness and lightning 16. haikyu 17. god eater 18. kiss him not me 19. new game 20. my hero academia
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1.)Dragon Ball Z 2.)Fairy Tail 3.)Blue Exorcist 4.)Trigun 5.)Attack on Titan 6.)Ouran High School Host Club 7.)Tokyo Ghoul 8.)Parasyte the Maxim 9.)Ao Oni 10.)Food Wars 11.)Fullmetal Alchemist 12.)Death Note 13.)High School of the Dead 14.)Black Lagoon 15.)Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 16.)Inazuma Eleven 17.)Pokémon 18.)Kuroko no Basket 19.)Nisekoi 20.)The Seven Deadly Sins
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