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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with another Renjun Saturday! This week I've decided to do a compilation of cute gifs or Renjun so let's get started shall we?
Isn't he just adorable? The answer is yes by the way. It's always yes. Anywho, he's so cute I love him so much. He's so precious! I'm starting a petition guys so if you'd like to sign it comment below. The petition is called "let's all protect Renjun from the cruel world because he's to precious and pure". So yeah.
Yas! I added some more because I love Renle so much. It's one of my many otps okay. I couldn't have a Renjun Saturday card without some Renle because it's just not right. And also the last card I put just because it's the truth and it needed to be said. That's it for this week's Renjun Saturday! Chow for now and always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.