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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco

When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.

~(Loco Pov)~

Damn Y/N was a dangerous one...

I did my homework on her, after our first encounter and I founder why someone of her caliber was robbing me. Y/N was an international thief that have gotten away with robbing Museums, Politicians, Banks and Mobsters. The Feds gave her the nickname Dream, due to the fact that no one really knew what she looked like, yet she for forever a true beauty.

Always had different color and style hair, and different eye color as well. She would even have tattoo, those most were fake cause I've seen the tattoo she has that are real. Only one and its was roman numbers. Y/N had broken her pattern though to case out my club and try to take my money. She was know to go on a robbing spree for nine months, and will disappear for three months.

From the information she should have been starting her disappearing act. So her being here wasn't surprising since the last place she robbed was in London, England.

She truly was good at whatever she did, but she was a pacifist, all her threats were empty, and bluffs so she can escape alive. She seem to abide by the old school thief code of conduct and not take another's life.

Y/N had my crew fool, and had been secretly trying to figure me out. Yet I shut her down every time she attempted. I had Woo Bae the guard I assign to her to take her home and took my sexual frustration out on another beauty. But she wasn't satisfying enough for me. All I kept doing to get off was imaging it was Y/N. Her moans and screams were so intoxicating.

I was trying to give Dream everything she wanted yet she kept rejecting it. I only had her obedience cause I threaten to take her life if she didn't work for me. I was spinning in my chair, in the studio triple checking the contract, before having my lawyer send it to Y/N. I just hope that was her name, since I had no one to back me up on that either.

"Yo Loco! Dude you need to have your girl come by more often. She freaking cool. At first we were surprised you were dating a foreigner, but the fact that she was fluent and so down to earth. We can understand why you two are together."

Jay had came into the studio to nag me about showing Y/N to them more often. "That and she super cute." Ju Kyung said as he tap Jay's shoulder after entering the room.

Why the fuck did she have to do such an amazing job. I didn't want her to get to close to me, cause the moment she see's me when I'm not drunk, she gonna realize my sober self is a pacifist. That would be back, cause she will take advantage of it.

Trust was something she hasn't earn just yet, and I wasn't planning to let her get that close to me anytime sooner either. My computer bing, stealing my attention from my AOMG brothers, reminding me that someone I dealt business with was pass due on paying me what they owe.

I just grind my teeth behind my pressed together lips, annoy that this person was fucking with me. This was their fifth offense, and looked like Y/N was going to have her first job.

~(Y/N Pov)~

I was sitting at the dinning table, with a lawyer, Loco had sent over. He was only allow to be in the apartment as long as Woo Bae was there with him. Since Loco seem to have noticed my guard was up when it came to strangers. I was reading over my copy as the lawyer walked me through it.

The contact stated that:

I, sign legal name here, would work any job sent to me by Hyuk Woo aka Loco, and gain 10% to 40% net worth of anything I get back for him. Be it a piece of art, money, etc. I was not allow to call him by his real name unless, granted permission, or at events where I had to pretend to be his girl. When I wasn't working, I would have to play girlfriend, when hewent out with his AOMG crew, family, and etc events.

Hyuk Woo was not allow to call me by any other name than name I provided him, to protect me from the Feds. He would do anything he needed to make sure I was never caught by said Feds. He was also not allow to make any advances towards me without my permission. If I wished to alter this contract, I must tell Hyuk Woo directly blah blah blah blah...

Seriously I hate legal paperwork, more so having to deal with anyone involved in law enforcement and Lawyers counted. After signing the contact I was contacted by Loco a good five minutes after the lawyer had left.

Text From Wanna-be-Gangsta,

'I have a job for you. I'll provide you what ever you need. Name it now so I can get you started. The sooner you can get this job done the better. DON'T get caught. If you see Woo Bae, you took too long.'

Well Damn that didn't take him long. I text him back saying I wanted the address, so I can scoop it out, and I would need Woo Bae to be my back up if it was dangerous. He didn't hesitate in replying back to me.

Text From Wanna-be-Gangsta,

'Fine. Woo Bae will be you're back up. I'll have my men find the address. Text me when you're starting you task. This person is smart and guarded. He a Mobster and owes me a good 5k. I'll provide you a get away car.'

Well that was going to make it easier for me to get the job done. I asked him if I could any gems I find, and he granted me permission. This person had royally pissed Loco off and it was working in my favor. I think I might like working for him a little bit. I got up and went to get ready to case the location of the job. I even got the rest of my attire ready in a bag, so it would be easier for me to change that moment.

Woo Bae met me down stares, and greeted me while a warm smile. "Hey there Cat Woman, ready for our first job." I high five him as he got in the driver's seat and I sat in the back. I pulled out everything I was going to need and turned off my cell phone. I put it in the compartment that was in between the driver and the front seat.

"Woo Boo, you are gonna have to be the one to text Loco for me when I start. I am going in without my phone. I'll have an ear piece in my ear so you and I can communicate."

He hummed, as I handed over his end, after setting up my ear piece up. I took the address Loco gave me and hack into the government server, to get the blue print, after setting up my wifi system that protected me from the feds. I smirked and hacked the security cameras of the building to see the inside layout.

For a mobster, he was stupid as fuck. His security was shit, and he was way to comfortable it seems. "Damn this is going to be boring." I said, making Woo Bae laugh. "I bet, this man thinks no one would dare to rob him." I smiled as I looked up at him. He looked around, as we waited for night fall.


I was finishing getting ready, as I put on my special shades, and putting on my dark green short hair wig. "Ne, my beloved?" Woo Bae looked at me serious as he gave me the warning. "You got an hour to get in and out. Boss does have high expectations for you. But that's not why he is giving you a time limit. He is here."

I looked around not seeing him as Woo Bae pointed out the car. "Its for a different reason, aside from seeing how well you do." I looked at the all black car that had parked in front of us about an hour ago. "Once you got the money, get back to this car, and we will leave immediately. You are not allow to be in the cross hairs."

It clicked instantly that he was going to be going in after me. "What about the money?" He looked over at the building. "That my love, is for me to deliver to him personally. My own order are you help you, and get you back to your place before bring the money to him." I shook my head no as Woo Bae raised an eyebrow.

"You're taking me with you to drop it off. I want my cut up front." Woo Bae chuckled as I finished getting ready. "Let's do this." Woo Bae nodded, as he texted Loco for me. I crawl out of the car, threw the sun roof, and started climbing the building next door to my target. I double check the roof and saw that it was clear.

I felt so bored, know that security was weaker than I had expected. It wasn't even hard for me to get inside the building. I crawl through the vents, before making my way to the office that had the safe inside the desk.

I saw that the boss was in his office, talking to his crew about how he gotten away with not paying his dues to Loco. Calling him weak and too scared to do anything about the debt. I got annoy by the man's words about Loco. But yet that why Loco hired me, so we can but these cocky idiots in their place with class. I looked at my digital watch that was counting down the time I had to get this job done.

I had to think quickly as to how I was going to go about getting the money now. I moved to the vent over the broom closet and got out, to enter the broom closet. I turn on the smart feature of my watch to set off the fire alarm, getting them all in panic mode.


I licked my lips, and looked through the security cameras to see them all storming out of the office. I gave it three minutes, before strolling out of the broom closet of the office and walking over to the safe. I shook my head at the type of safe this man was using. I was starting to realized how much of a pro I was, since it barely took me a second to hack into the safe and pop it open.

I moved quickly to empty out the safe into my duffel back I had folded and stuff in my pants in the back. I then lock up the safe, and moved quickly back for the broom closet. By the time I was moving in the vents, the alarm was turned off.

I had made it back to the car with ease, and threw the bag in the back, before getting in the front seat of the car. I turn off the time when it said I had a good fifteen minutes left. Woo Bae was just starting at me in surprise.

"This man was way to cock and confident about himself. Even after casing the place, he only had one safe, which I completely empty into that bag."

I pointed to the bag in the back as Woo Bae checked it. His eyes went wide as he looked over at me. "You even took his drugs and jewelry." I looked at the bag, and smiled whilst shrugging. "I told you I just empty it out into the back, never said I looked." Woo Bae laughed as he text Loco that we were done.

Woo Bae was getting ready to drive off as I saw Loco get out of his car, along with four of his men. They all walked over to the building entrance. I had an instant bad feeling about him going in. We drove right by them, as I noticed guns being flashed before they were out of view.

Loco you better not get hurt...

It would make robbing them pointless if you do.

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