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All I know is I watched Ghost in the Shell since it first aired in the US and have seen everything involved since numerous times. Huge GITS fan and I rewatch them annually because it is a go to. I always find myself colliding with GITS and psycho pass haha idk why honestly because they are totally different but maybe because I relate them to the old school perfect dark video game on N64 in their own way. My favorite game for the longest time. Haha so big influence. Anyways this film has Scarlett in it. If that isn't enough to get me to go, it's GITS I'm already game MARCH 31!! 2017!! So stoked and cannot wait. Anime is Life!!
I'm gonna watch it. I wanna see how it turns out. I feel like the movies is running out of remake or Disney movies so they are looking for something new. And they found anime. I also heard they were trying to do an attack on Titan movie. I don't know if that's confirmed though.
Some anime are just that much better than any American comic and such. Anime is Life!!
@SimplyAwkward I think this is on a different field being it's full release and not limited. I'm going I support no matter what but I'm restricting any doubts til after I've seen it so I'm completely oblivious to everything and can except it all as is!! Going to be sweet either way to see a big anime and a big theatre release for basically first time ever haha
I feel excited but at the same time I'm worried that it would bomb like the last anime to live action movies
I can't with this. Too many times I've been disappointed by anime live action movies. I just have no hope for it.
maybe depends what the word is once it's out