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Happy Sunday~

This next entry is a fun one! I hope you all enjoy it! XD

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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Lunch was.... interesting.
So my friend and I had a break around 1 pm and we both had decided to go eat at this little place near the company.
However, what I wasn't expecting was the rest of B.A.P to be there. Like all 5 of them.
It was embarrassing honestly. Here we were walking in and then we see the rest of the band and it suddenly became awkward. No idea why but it just was.
So when they saw us, they called us over to sit with them. I was honestly nervous. One, because I hardly knew the rest of them and I have no idea what they are like outside of the performances or the variety shows I have seen them in. And two...well obviously because of Yongguk.
Yep I said it. I have finally spoke his name. I would show you a picture but I think my drawing skills would put him to shame. (They are terrifying.)
But, we sat with them anyways. My friend ushered me in the direction and it literally took everything I had not to run out the door. Thankfully, I sat next to Daehyun and my friend was right across.
However, even though they were talking about something before, as soon as we sat down, they then focused all their attention on me. Talk about interrogation.
'What's your name?', 'What's your family like?', 'Do you like dancing?', 'Why aren't you an idol?', and even 'Why aren't you dating our member yet?'. I literally about choked on my spit and died on that last question.
It was like a whole new level had been addressed that I never even thought of before and I couldn't help but panic. Like my friend and I dating? No way. Not gonna happen.
Especially since I like Yongguk but it's not like they know that...do they?
Oh god, I really hope they don't. Save my soul if they do.
Anyways, I just avoided that question and answered the others easily. It wasn't horrible but it was definitely more stressful than I was planning on this little lunch being.
So, since they were there before us they left and my friend and I were suddenly alone. Fun, right? No. Not after that question.
Our comfortable little atmosphere suddenly became like an atmosphere between two people who barely knew each other - uncomfortable and weird.
That part sucked. But you know what was even worse?
Nah, I can't tell you. It would kill you. Literally.
I just need to talk to him about it tomorrow. Make sure I didn't mishear him.
Well, I have to go. Don't worry though, it's nothing bad...I think.

Well that confirms it! Yongguk is her crush! ;)

And what did her friend say to her?! O.O

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Cuuuuuuttttteeeee!!!!! Yongguk is definitely someone who would make a good crush 😁 And now we know Daehyun isn't the friend either, even though we knew that since he isn't a dancer :l Bleh xP
I knew it πŸ˜… Now as for her friend I'm guessing it's Jongup or Zelo. πŸ˜‹
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Damn, it's getting good. I will eventually figure out who the friend is lol πŸ˜‚
Oh my!
Oh My God! you are killing me with the suspense every day 😱