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Jay took us to his place. I began to wonder and think about what is going on around here. Future husband to witches, I am just feeling dizzy with everything. As I saw how Jay is speaking to Gray, I began to doubt of whats going on. Like how is he my future husband? Worse part, I am related to my retarded friend. Just great. "Jay, I want to thank you so much for this." "It's no problem bro. We are family" Wait, what. Please tell me this is not true. "This is a joke right?" "What is a joke" "No this is just a dream. This is not true. No damn hell you are my brother" "You sure a bitch huh." I lift my hands to smack Jay's head. "Hey hey hey... " "I swear you can really get on my nerves" "Woman, your now gonna get use to it. Because regardless I am your brother" I crossed my arms and sat down on the sofa. Then Gray began to giggle. I cant believe this. "Jay, easy on her. Remember she lost all the memories of who we are and especially who she is" "wait, are you saying that i lost my memory. How? I remember my childhood times with my parents." Gray sat down in front of me. Jay then put a photo alum in front of me. "Janera, remember the little video you saw. That was your real childhood times. We was always playing together." "Also, these are pictures of you and us and the family" I open the album and the first thing i see is me with Jay beside me. There were also two other boys behind us. "Who are they?" "They are our older brothers." "Older brothers?" As I turn the next page i saw a picture of two people. As i began to look. I began to feel weird as i saw the picture. "They are our parents, Janera." I began to look at the picture and I quickly close the book and throw it at Jay. I just begin to walking out off the house. I got to the backyard and just let the wind hit me. "Janera?" "What Jay? What do you want?" "Listen, alot has happened and i know how you feel." "Then tell me, how you think i feel?" "Janera..." "Jay, what the hell is going on. Like seriously... witches to brother." "I know everything happened at once. But the truth will eventually come. We knew this will happen, but not this quick." "This is just to much" Gray then appeared out of nowhere and I got startled. Jay began to laugh and I slapped him. "Woman.." "Dude, i swear you need to shut up." "Me? You slapped me out of nowhere" "You was laughing!" "You got scared over your fiance" I gave Jay a dirty look. "Ok, shutting up" "Gray, you need to stop appearing like that. It's really...creepy" "Im sorry. It's a habit I guess." "Well then, Im going inside and I will leave you guys alone. Oh Janera, the stars are shiny, so dont forget .." Jay began to put his lips together. I quickly picked up a rock and whipped it at him. "Owww... What the hell!!" I began to quickly stand and Jay began to run inside. That little brat. How the hell is he my older brother when he acts like a child. "Sorry about that, he can be an ass sometimes." "When he hasn't. He has always been like that. I remember one time you came crying to me once because Jay cut your doll's hair" "Oh my god." "Jay may be a jerk, but he is the one who protects you the most. Ever since you guys lost your parents and your two oldest brothers had to go in war with those witches, Jay was left behind to protect you. So give him credit." "How did my parents died?" " A war broke down and the witches was after you to use you to destroy the land. But your parents hid you with Jay. They fought but lost. Only Jay and your older brothers saw them die." I began to look up the sky. The stars was just bright as always. I began to wonder, if none of this in the past has happened my life would be different. i would be with my real parents and with my real family. Then all of a sudden I saw a red light coming towards us. "Janera run!!! Jay!!!" I quickly began to run and I saw Jay coming out of the house. Then he grabs my wrist and we began to run. I look back and I can see Gray behind us, but I can see some witches behind him. "Come on Janera, pick up those feet and run." I grabbed Jay's hands and hold firmly. Jay then began to run faster. Then something shot between us. I quickly panicked and let go of Jay's hand. Then another beam hit and I hit the building behind me. I ran towards the next street. This time im on my own. I saw a house which Jay and I used to hang out. I ran inside and began to find a place to hide. I went towards the second floor and went inside a closet in one of the rooms. Then I heard someone walking in the house. "I saw her entering this house" "Are you sure?" "Yes, I can sense her" Damn it, why can I just be alone. Then the door of the room i am hidden creaked open. I began to hold my breath and just hope they don't look here. I can see their shadows going back and forth of the room. I began to look around the closet. Then i saw a vent up in the ceiling. I quietly open the vent and went inside carefully. As I close the vent, the witches open the closet door. But they quickly saw me. "She is up there!!" I began to crawl as fast a I can. I turn left and then I turn right. I can hear them cursing behind their breaths and they are getting closer and closer. My hart began to race and I couldn't think anymore, I feel like this is it. They just right behind my tails. I turn left and then another left. I saw a light in the end of the tunnel of this vent. As i arrived, the vent was shut. "Shit!" I began to bang on it but it wouldn't even budge to open. Then I turn around and I can see their shadows coming closer to the corner to where I am. I quickly began to kick the vent over and over. Their voices and their curse was crawling into my ears. Then the vent broke free. As I made myself out of the tunnel, one of the witches grabbed my feet, I kicked and kicked to let go free and one of the kicks hit her face. "Get over here you stupid bitch!!" That word. How I hate that word. No way she is going to talk to me like that. I quickly turn around and grabbed her by the hair and wrapped it around my hand and began to throw punches at her over and over. Then I throw her to the floor and kick her in the stomach. "Who's the bitch now, bitch" I turn around and began to run. The anger began to fill me inside. Then someone grabbed me from my shoulder. I turn around and slammed who ever grabbed me to the floor and twisted the arm back. "Janera.. It's me Jay!!' "Oh, sorry Jay" I let go of Jay and he began to rub his arm. he saw that I am mad. "Are you ok?" 'Ya, just beat one of them" "She called you a bitch, huh" I give him a look. "Enough said. Come on" We began to run till we arrive in the subway.
We enter inside the train and we sat down. I look around and try to see if we are fine. Then Jay sat down and let a big breath. He looks at me and he seemed concerned. "What" "Your eyes, they are turning red, you need to control your anger now. We in public." I closed my eyes and began to chill my anger. Then Gray appeared in my mind. I lift my head up high and began to look around. "Dont worry about Gray, the witches cant hurt him. He is a good fighter also." "We got to find him" "As right now, we got to go far from here, then we will find him" I sat down and close my eyes. Then I began to hear some screams coming from the end of the train. Jay and I stood up quickly and we look through the window. We both saw two witches going through the train and the same time, they was killing the people around them. "Janera, stay back." "I can't do that" "Woman you dont have your powers." Powers? What the hell does he mean. Then the door open and the witches began to fight Jay. I quickly had the people run to the front of the train. As everyone made it through the door, I began to go towards it, till one of the witches grabbed my hair and pull me back. My back slammed into the seat. Then she again grabbed my hair and throw me again. I feel like my back is about to break. The pain is to much but my anger is starting to climax. She grabbed me again, and this time I had enough. I put my feet down and lift my head to look at her straight in the eye. I feel like my eyes are burning, but I just want to destroy now. I want to make her feel pain. I want her dead in my hands. I look at her deep and grabbed her by her throat. My fingers then began to dig into her throat and let the blood run down to my arm. Seeing her trying to brake free to breath made me feel good. "Janera!!!! Let go!!! Dont Janera!!" I can hear Jay screaming my name over and over but how can I let her go, if she is trying to kill me. Then Jay went behind me and trying to break me from holding her. But I pushed off Jay. Jay just didnt gave up. He just began to push me off. Then a blade sliced the witch in half and she turned into ashes. I saw Gray with a sword in his hands. i got mad and began to go after Gray. "Janera, snap out of it!!" Gray quickly grabbed me and locked my arms down and he stood their holding me tight. "I had her. Why you didnt let me finish her. You stupid!!" "Janera STOP!!" All of a sudden, my mind went blank. As i began to look around. I saw Gray hugging me. I quickly began to push him off. "Dude, get off of me. Why your fucking hugging me for?" Gray let me go and I went behind Jay. "I think he is a pervert, Jay" "A what... oh god. Seriously. Janera you was trying to kill a witch. We had to stop you" "Killing a what.... I wasn't." Gray walked forward and he put his hood down. All I can see is the scar on his face. "Janera, you dont remember holding the witch's neck?" "No... I dont. All I know that I was being thrown by one." "Look at your hand" I looked at my hand and I can see the blood. I began to panic and began to wipe it off. "Gray was stopping you" "But i dont remember nothing, I swear." "It's one of your powers, but the blind power" "Blind power?" "Gray, mind to explain it. I am tired" I shake my head and Jay sat down on a seat. Then Gray sat across from me. "Janera, you have many powers. Powers we dont know and some powers we know. powers from good to evil. One of the most evil is anger. When you get very angry, but its an anger to the point which you will kill your opponent. We cant have you do that. Your still unknown to all this. And i you dont know how to control your powers, you will turn into an evil witch than the witch you are." "Wait, you guys fight and are killing them, so whats the differences between me." "We ca control our powers and angers. We know what we are doing. But you dont. Have you noticed that when your mad, Jay is always their and controls you" "Ya because I end up beating the shit out of him" Gray began to smirk. "Not funny man, do you have any idea the hits and swings this woman has given me" "I've seen it. I was always watching over you guys for years." "And you didnt save me? Not cool bruh, not cool" "Suck it up Jay." "Suck it up?! OH hell na. This woman as given me broken ribs to my hair being pulled off from my scalp" I began to laugh. "Not funny. Your very aggressive!" "And your annoying" "Unlike you. You just a bi.." "Say it ... I dare you" "BITCH!" I put my fist up in the air and he quickly began to cover his head with his hands and arms. "Sorry sorry!!!" Gray then began to laugh. "Jay, you just like trouble" "Well i got no control on that" "I can control it." "No shit" Then the train went to a complete stop.
We got off the train. I began to look around and I started to noticed that I was not in the city. Everything was dark and the air was filled with smoke. It smelled burnt and it was just awful. "Where are we?" "This is once we called home. Welcome home, Janera." I couldnt believe that this place is like this. We began to walk and I can see houses are burned and some are broken. Then Jay began to run towards to two men ahead of us. They also ran towards Jay and they all hugged. I grabbed Gray by his jacket and hold tight. Deep down, I feel terrified of where I am. Then people began to appear and greet Jay. Then they look at me. Many eyes began to study me, and all i feel is fear and just hid behind Gray. Then some began to gasp. "Is the princess!" "The queen's daughter" "She has return" "is the princess, everyone is the princess!!" They all began to walk towards me, but my anxiety was just to the roof. Then Gray turned around and he covered me with his cape. I hid inside and try to breath as i buried my face into his chest. "Janera, what's wrong" "I dont know, Im just not good in public. And i feel dizzy here. Please Gray. Get me out of here. Please.." "Ok. I will" Gray then began to walk as he covered me. "Jay, now." We walked till Gray slowly uncovered me. I looked around. Then Jay went in front of me. He is talking to me, but I cant not seem to hear. The whole room began to spin around, then everything went black. A dream began to appear. I was holding a hand, soft and gentle hand. As I look up to see who is holding my hand, it was a woman. A very beautiful woman. She smiled at me and I smiled back. "Hello, my beautiful child" "Who are you?" "The one who created the most beautiful and strongest lady like you" "Your my mom?" "Yes sweety. Im your mom" I stood quiet, all I can see is her beauty and sweet smile. Then she looks ahead. "My child, loo ahead of you. This was our home. Pure and divine. This is the place where you was born. And I need you to bring it back. I need you to bring home back. I need you to find yourself and fight. You was born to rule with full pride but your also a furious warrior. You was born to fight." "But how can I do this." "Join with your brothers, Gray and the rest of the people that survived the attack. You can plan this out and you can lead them into success and bring back what we had." I look around and began to see the land. Everything was peaceful and full of life and joy. "Time to wake up, my darling. Don't forget my princess. You can do this." Everything went black again. Then I began to open my eyes. I sit up from a bed and began to walk towards the voices of the men outside from the bedroom. As i open the door, i walked down the hall. I can see broken pictures and broken frames. As I arrive to were the boys are. jay went running towards me. "You ok?" "Ya, im fine" "Come on, lets sit you down." I sat down and Gray smiled at me and I smile back to him. Then two men smiled big towards me but i stood puzzled. Is like i saw them before, but cant seem to remember. jay serve me some coffee and then that when I remember. I saw these boys on a family photo. They are my older brothers. "Janera, these are our older brothers. Simon and Loco"

Im glad to those who are inspiring me by loving my work and my stories. ENjoy. Till next sunday!!! Chapter 1

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hahaha I called it! I knew her older bros would be loco and simon habaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂🐰🐶🐙👤
I knew Simon would be a brother I didn't guess loco. this was an awesome chapter though! hey rage power is sick. scary but damn girl's dangerous