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Hello everyone!!

I'm so so sorry for not posting anything last week for Jaeyoon!! He definitely doesn't deserve this....I will work harder for my little Jaeyoonie!!!!

Soooo I should've been paying attention more, but apparently we're doing a theme which is who we think our members would be if they were fictional characters!! But since I didn't know this I started making a different card... >.>
I'm sorry!! I'll catch up on the chat soon!!!!;;;;

So which fictional character do I think relates to Jaeyoon... Ummm good question.

If you know me then you'll know that I am completely and utterly blank on every SF9 members' personality....Like, I legit barely know who these guys are cX I mean, I love their music and they seem like great guys!!!!!! ....But I really don't know too much about them;; Bad support!
I'm trying hard to learn though!! I've spotted some videos floating around and I've been planning to watch them and such, buuuuuuut that'll take some time....
So I'm basically just going to be picking a character who kind of reminds me of Jaeyoon and his first impression on me. I'm probably totally off, but it's the first thing that came to me... At least when I get more familiar with them I can look back on this card and be like, "Nina...What were you thinking!?" Heh....

So since the others were picking anime characters I choose.... Otonashi from Angel Beats!!!!

Ummm why do I choose him...? Well Jaeyoon reminds me of a chill guy, like he seems like he's prepared to handle all the bull crap and craziness the other members will bring. (But he also reminds me of the kind of guy who would join in sooo.....;;) He also seems like the kind of guy who is caring and considerate of others and would even become friends with someone that everyone shied away from, like Otonashi.
I might not be right about that fact, but that's what I'm getting when I look at him. He seems like a sweet dude and also gives off a sort of calm vibe (but also I feel like he's also going to be silly too cx). Also, he's adorable!!!!!!!!! And I always thought Otonashi was adorable and manly, just like Jaeyoon~^^
I mean, like I said I'm probably wrong. But hey, the first person that Jaeyoon reminded me of was Kyo of Fruits Basket....Ya, I'm glad I didn't pick him cX

Haha I tried to make this at least interesting or kind of funny for you guys, but I'm pretty tired and I'm mad that I held this card off for so long today....

It was fun trying to figure out who Jaeyoon reminded me of, even if I have no clue about his personality. Hopefully as I keep making these cards for you guys, we'll all be able to learn more about him, together ^-^

See you all next Saturday~

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I think you made a good choice. SF9 is still pretty new, so its understandable that you are still learning like the rest of us about them 😊
Thank you~ Ya, hopefully we'll all learn more about them soon ^-^
He is cute! I love his big eyes.