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EXO Sci-Fi I just started working again, it's been a long two weeks. So this story may draw out longer than expected. So I appreciate you for hanging around! *bows* 고마워! Now for some exciting conclusions...
“How is it you know Chen used his super power?” Sehun asked. He played with the ice that was still lying on the floor. “Were you there?” “No. There were scorch marks on the walls….” Nero thoughtfully said. “I don't understand, how can that Grawl thing capture us if we have these powers? Wouldn't we be able to destroy him?” Baek asked next. “They are difficult to kill. It's like they developed thick skin, you'd have to constantly bombard them before they are killed. That is what made it so hard to win the war. A Grawl warrior can take down five men before it's life is ended. Dammit, my only wish was that we had the weapons they had developed on Exodus.” Nero sat looking at the ice as Kai swept it up, “Young Chen must have been surprised when his powers kicked in. The scorch marks were consistent with uncontrolled bursts.” “Do you know what our powers are for each of us?” Sehun asked. He picked up a piece of ice and tried to melt it in his hands, “what kind of powers do I have? Can I move things with my mind?” His face scrunched up as he concentrated trying to lift the ice up, Xiumin scowled at him. Nero laughed. “What about me?” Baek asked, “Xiumin can make ice, Suho can make water, and Kai, Kai can jump from one place to another. What exactly does Chen have? What about the others?” Nero got up and went into the other room, he came back with his old bag. He sat back down and opened it, digging through it like a dog digging a hole. “Those boys could be in a lot of trouble. That hunter will most likely try to combine their powers to use against you. If we don't hurry, we could lose them.” Nero pulled out a smaller leather bag, “Chen can harness the power of lightning, electricity. Chanyeol can set fire to anything. KyungSoo has the strength of mountains. Young Lay, he comes from healers, they can heal anything except death. To bring someone back from death would mean giving up their abilities. I've never seen that happen, no, I'm lying….” He glanced over at Sehun, he watched the young man trying to move the pieces of ice with his mind with Baek and having a laugh, “I've only seen it once.” They turned to him with curiosity taking over. “What was that like?” Suho asked. “It was a wondrous and sad moment. A child lost their life and a healer choose to bring that child back. They lost their abilities but the child lived.” Nero said looking down at the leather bag, “I made a promise to deliver these when the time came. I think that time has come.” He pulled out a number of necklaces. On each of the necklaces there was an emblem. He held them up, untangling them. He signaled for each of them to come closer. He looked at an emblem and handed it to the right young man to wear, until there were only four left that were unclaimed dangling in his hand. He tucked them back into the little leather bag. They all looked at the emblem hanging around their necks. Xiumin started to sob a little. He knew what it was, the last time he'd seen it, his mother was wearing it. He pressed it against his chest tightly. “These are the symbols of your people. All hail from Exodus, the great tree of life. All life began on Exodus, each life gives the tree life. Without it, the tree dies. The Grawl were a great evil that tried to put out that life but we overcame and succeeded in pushing that evil out.” Nero told them to sit. They all sat in a circle around him. “Close your eyes. Concentrate on what these symbols mean.” Nero reached out touching each of them on the shoulder. First Sehun, “Wind” Then Break, “Light” Then Xiumin, “Frost” Then Suho, “Water” Then finally Kai, “Teleporter” Each sat, cross legged, hands clasped in their laps, eyes shut tight. Each thinking about the element that belonged to their emblem, to their home world, to their people. The room began to light up. Nero closed his eyes, clutching the emblem that hung from his own neck, the one that he would have given his son.