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Summary: a girl who believes love is nothing but a notion for the weak and a boy who thinks that love is all physical.
A/N: So here it is guys chapter 2!! Missed the beginning? C L I C K H E R E !
You three were now gathered at the table eating breakfast. You watched as Seokjin stuffed his cheeks like a squirrel. You laughed at the unbelievable sight. You wondered how he can stay so handsome with his cheeks practically about to burst. He then made noise that reminded you of an old man. Holding in your laugh as he continued to make that noise as he put in more food in his mouth. "Oh you eat so well!" Your grandmother screamed from across the table. You nodded in agreement. You then looked at his toned body,"How do you keep such a healthy figure?" He then swallowed and smiled at you,"I work out for hours." You nodded and pouted,"I can't even work out for an hour." He then laughed,"Why don't I be your trainer then?" You shook your head,"It's okay I don't want to have to come here just to work out." "Oh right you live in Seoul." You nodded as you brought your cup to your lips and took a sip of the water. "What brought you here anyways?" "Hold up." Seokjin looked at you with curiosity as you stood up from your chair and headed to your room. When you got their you searched the room for your bag finding a black and gold bag in the corner next to the dresser. You opened your bag and took out a flier. When you headed back to the kitchen Seokjin and your grandma were doing the dishes making conversation about the food that Seokjin obviously enjoyed. "For this." You said holding up the flier as Seokjin turned around. "XYZ University Photography Club Exhibit." He read out loud,"Oh you go to XYZ Uni." You nodded,"Yeah why?" He shrugged,"No reason. Just the school is famous for their art programs." You nodded,"Why do you think I go there." You flipped your hair mockingly as he laughed and sprayed water at you. "Hey!" You glared at him as you sprayed water on him. "If you two are going to be doing this, here you wash the dishes with him." Your grandma said as she handed you the pink rubber gloves,"Lee Min Ho is going to be on soon." You rolled your eyes as you put on the pink rubber gloves watching as she practically ran into the living room and turned on the tv. "How long are you going to be here for?" You then stood next to him as you scrubbed the dishes laid out in the sink carefully scrubbing off all the food stains,"I go home tomorrow morning. I have classes tomorrow afternoon so have to head out early to make it in time." You looked at Seokjin watching his reaction but to your disappointment he had none. "Oh well, it was nice meeting you." You nodded,"I'm actually going out again to take more pictures so if you want to join me on a--" "Date?" You laughed and lightly sprayed water on him,"Stroll, on a stroll." He pouted,"Fine stroll is better than nothing." You laughed a little,"You're a bigger flirt than I thought." He smirked,"I'm sorry but with a face like mine I don't need to flirt girls naturally fall into my arms." You scoffed,"Unfortunately for you I'm not like other girls." He laughed as you laughed along. But maybe he was right. You don't know what it was but what you knew what you're feeling right now is very dangerous. After washing the dishes you grabbed your photography equipment sitting in the living room couch and headed out again this time with Seokjin. "Is that heavy let me carry the bag for you." You shook your head,"If I become a professional photographer shouldn't I know how to hold my own stuff?" He laughed a little,"What kind of thinking is that. Just let me I'm a gentleman." You rolled your eyes as you handed him the bag,"Drop it and your dead." He then smiled happily as he held your bag,"Okay!" You walked down the path with your camera and each time you saw something that was interesting you would take a picture of it. You then looked at Seokjin who at the moment was just looking at some kids playing nearby. Then your hands did it again unconsciously snapping a photo of Seokjin. He heard the shutter and turned to you,"You really need to start asking for permission." "Sorry my hands move on its own sometimes." He then rolled his eyes,"Is that a photographer kind of thing?" You shrugged,"Maybe it's just a Choi Y/N thing." He nodded,"Probably because you're unique." You tilted your head unsure if that was a compliment or an insult,"Thanks?" It was already dark before you realized it. So you started walking back home,"It was nice meeting you Seokjin...Maybe next time I come to visit I'll see you again." He then smiled and looked down and stopped in his tracks making you stop as well being slightly ahead of him,"I wish to see you again too." He then grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you in,"Can I kiss you?" Your heart fluttered and your cheeks felt warm. Your ears began to hurt from the loud thumping of your heart but you slowly nodded curious of where this would go. Seokjin then slowly leaned in as he kissed your lips. He then pulled away from the kiss leaving you kind of stunned of how good it was all while smiling. "u-uhm I..." "I live this way so it was my kiss goodbye since Grammy's house is already too far. Goodnight Y/N." You nodded and smiled,"Goodnight Seokjin." He then handed you your bag of equipment and headed to the opposite direction of your grandmother's house. You turned around as you saw him disappear and touched your lips. "Wow you must be crazy letting someone you met for the first time kiss you." You said to yourself as you kept thinking about the kiss. When you got home you went straight to your bedroom and closed the doors. You felt your cheeks go red. As you set your bag aside and laid down on the bed. You were still flustered from the kiss. You had your first kiss with an absolute stranger and you didn't know it then but you were already becoming the one person you didn't want to be. The next morning you had left at the crack of dawn. All that kept playing in your head as you drove away was the kiss from last night. You can't have possibly fallen for a stranger. Especially not one you just met that very day. But you couldn't help it. Everytime his smile appeared in your head you couldn't help but smile. You heart couldn't help but flutter. When you got back to Seoul you had 6 hours before your first afternoon class. You stayed at the parking lot and stared at the clock. It was early but you were still more than awake. So you got out the car and found a bench nearby. You took out your school project and finished the drawings you and Jimin had started in the cafe. Two hours have passed and you stretch as you looked at the finished project. "Good Job Y/N!" You patted yourself on the back as you yawn. You decided to get some coffee at the cafe infront of the school so you didn't have to take your car. As much as you loved that old car you hated driving and would do as little as possible of it for as long as you live. When you got to the cafe you ordered your usual caramel macchiato. You loved caramel. The milky sweetness that just gave you energy whenever you have a taste of it. Maybe that's why you always had some caramel candies in your bag, car, and locker. So wherever you looked there it would be the milky caramel sweetness you crave on a daily. You took a seat at your usual spot. You found the seat near the window was the best seat. Where you can see those leaving and those entering the cafe. As the waiter placed your macchiato from behind him you noticed a familiar figure. You were sure it was Nayeon. The man who had his arms around her was familiar to but you knew it wasn't Jimin. You stood up from your chair as you approached Nayeon. Before you knew it you raised your hands and slapped the man accross the face,"Y/N!! What are you doing?" You glared at Nayeon,"What the fuck Nayeon?! Cheating on Jimin?! WITH MY BROTHER TOO?!" "Y/N please just relax and let me explain." You scoffed at your brother,"Youngjae lets just go everyone is staring." You laughed,"Oh now you're embarrassed? Embarrassed that you're cheating?" Nayeon looked down as she hid behind your brother,"Y/N! Stop it!" You laughed,"I guess it runs in the family then," Youngjae tilted his head,"What?" "Dad's a cheater and so is the son. If mom is a pathetic woman will the daughter be one too?" Youngjae then slapped you,"Youngjae! Stop!" You scoffed,"Don't call our mother pathetic you don't know anything." You smiled as you rubbed your throbbing cheeks,"I know enough..." "Nayeon? Y/N? Youngjae? What are you guys doing?" You turned to see Jimin who was pushing through the crowd that somehow accumulated and surrounded the drama. "Ask your girlfriend." Jimin stared at Nayeon who was still behind Youngjae. "Nayeon?" "Jimin let's talk about this somewhere else." You threw your hands in the air your words coming out louder than you intended,"Talk about what?!" Jimin clenched his fist,"Y/N this is between Nayeon, Youngjae and I this has nothing to do with you. So please just go." You scoffed running your hands through your hair,"Nothing to so with it?! Its my dumbass brother who--" "Just Leave!" Jimin screamed leaving a room full of silence. You cleared your throat and glared at your brother. "Y/N take it ea--" "You have no right to worry about me right now." You then grabbed your things and pushed through the crowd as you headed towards the campus. This was the day you realized that even those you thought you can trust can be capable of doing things you despise. Doing things that will make you hate them forever. The day you realized and confirmed that true love never existed. That true love is just an illusion.

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