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EXO Sci-Fi
When Kai opened his eyes, the others were sitting in the circle with their eyes still closed. He looked past Suho and seen mountains in the distance. He looked around himself and found they were sitting in a field. He reached down and pulled the grass up out of the ground, rolling it between his fingers, feeling that it was real. “Where are we?” He said out loud. “You are home.” He heard someone whisper. The others opened their eyes. “Who said that?” Kai called out. “I did.” A woman appeared out of nowhere. Smiling lovingly at Kai, “I said it, Kai, my dear sweet baby Kai.” Kai jumped up. He stared at the beautiful woman now standing in front of him. She had dark round eyes like his, black long hair, her skin glowed a deep golden glow. She ran her hands over his hair, resting them on his shoulders, looking up into his face. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. “You've grown so much. So handsome like your father.” “Are you, my my mother?” He stuttered, his mouth barely moving, he felt his face and body go numb. He suddenly got an image of himself crying and holding her hand as her eyes slowly closed. “You are my mother!” He wrapped his arms around her, not wanting to let go. The others surrounded them, watching curiously, fascinated, and a little frightened. “Where are we?” Xiumin asked. Still holding Kai on her arms, she turned to Xiumin smiling, then she looked past him. Xiumin turned, they all turned. He seen people running towards them without their feet ever touching the ground. He couldn't tell if they were floating, flying, or what, but they were coming fast. Two of them looked familiar but he couldn't believe what he was seeing. These two walked up to him, the one was as tall as him and the other, way taller than either of them. Xiumin's throat went dry, a knot formed, he couldn't catch his breath, he couldn't even move except for the cry he let out. “I told you we'd meet again. I promised you and I keep my promises.” Luhan said softly. Xiumin's knees gave out and he collapsed onto the ground. His bum thumping hard. Then Kris picked him up. “Look at him, getting emotional again.” Kris said standing him on his feet, “Stand up, you don't want her to see you like this.” Xiumin clung to Luhan and Kris, his arms wrapping around them both, crying almost hysterically, “I missed you guys so much!” Luhan managed to pull away, cupped Xiumin's face in his hands, wiping his tears away with his thumbs. “We missed you too.” Luhan smiled at him, “She's waiting for you.” Him and Kris stepped out of the way. Xiumin didn't understand but when he seen the woman standing a few feet away, his heart broke. He ran to her, jumping into her arms like he did when he was a child. Breathing her in. “Mother.” Sehun and Baek watched the reunion. Baek turned to Sehun, who looked at everyone but not finding the person he should be reunited with. They stood apart from the others until Nero noticed them. “What is this place?” Baek asked, putting his arm around Sehun. “Are we in heaven? Is that why they are here?” “No, not heaven.” Nero said looking around, “We don't have a heaven or a hell like what the humans believe. This is more of a plane of existence that is beyond the physical world. There are many planes of existence, this is just one. There's actually a few group of humans that we share this same belief, I find that fascinating.” He noticed Sehun's disappointed face. “What's wrong young Sehun?” He looked around one last time before hanging his head, “She's not here” “Who?” Nero asked. Baek rubbed Sehun's back, comforting him, “His mother.” “Ahhh… that's because she's not dead. This place is for those that have passed out of the physical world. You don't see your mother because she's still alive, waiting for you.” Baek's brow furrowed, “I don't understand. We was told his mother died.” “Did Yin tell you that?” Nero narrowed his eyes, he knew Yin had to have told them, “Do you remember when I said a child was brought back from the dead? That child I spoke of was Sehun's mother. Lay's mother was the one that brought her back from the dead.” Sehun couldn't help but smile, then he howled, “My mother's alive! My mother's alive!” Suho stood holding hands with a woman away from the group, “Was that you that spoke to me on that other world?” “Yes it was.” She said smiling at him. Suho was taken away by his mother's beauty. “Why didn't you tell me?” “I didn't want to put you in too much of a shock. You needed to see you who are, where you come from, what you're capable of doing. I knew this moment would come, I knew Nero would bring you here.” Suho took a deep breath, “I have missed you greatly. There were times when I thought I could remember your face but it was like it was blocked. I would try so hard…” She hugged him, “Oh my little prince, I was always with you. I will always be with you.” “So what now?” Suho asked, “Why did he bring us here?” “Because the others needed to see for themselves where they come from. When you go back, you'll go back with more knowledge about yourselves. You'll know what you need to do.” “Will we be able to see you all again?” She pulled away, looking deep into his eyes, “All you need to do close your eyes and think of us.”