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'Heirs' is continuing to remind you about the upcoming premiere next week with another set of still cuts, this time featuring Kim Woo Bin! Kim Woo Bin plays Choi Young Do, the heir of a hotel empire who possess an IQ of 150. The still cuts show Kim Woo Bin looking like a kid at a candy store inside the bike shop where he tests out a hot orange motorcycle. To get in tune with his rich character, Kim Woo Bin looks ready to blow some major cash like it's no big deal on the motorcycle and leaves fans looking forward to some hot scenes of him riding a motorcycle, maybe with Park Shin Hye on the back seat. A rep commented, "Kim Woo Bin is an actor who possesses an ability to express himself in a variety of ways. It is touching to see how he accurately portrays his character through his unique color and outstanding acting ability." Hang tight because there's only a few more days until the premiere of 'Heirs' on October 9!