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EXO Sci-Fi
Xiumin's eyes popped open. He was staring at the ceiling, his hands lying on his stomach. He struggled to sit up, his buddy felt as though he'd been asleep for days. He stretched hoping that would help. It didn't, his back started to cramp. He cried out, trying to reach back to massage it. “Ughhhh what the hell?!” He yelled. His whining woke the others. “What happen, why does my body hurt?” Baek said as he stretched. Sehun sat up with a grunt and then flopped back over onto his side. Suho sat up rubbing his neck with both hands. Kai just laid still with his eyes closed, breathing in deep. Nero walked in with a tray of hot tea for each of them. “Here, drink, it may help.” He sat the tray down in front of them. “I feel like I've been lying here for days.” Sehun said sipping at the tea. He relished the heat of it running down his throat, warming his insides. “Two days actually. I came back from time to time to check on you, to make sure nothing would happen while we were there.” Nero answered. “What? Two days but how, we were only there for a day.” Baek sounded surprised, “How can two days gone by?” “The days passed quickly here,” Suho said, “Isn't that what you said, Nero, the days passed quickly here.” Nero nodded, “Yes. A day on Exodus, is two days here.” He kneeled down next to Kai, “Kai, where did you bring us? I wanted to go check on things, but I discovered we are nowhere near the city. So where did you bring us?” Kai sat up. He looked at everyone. “Jeju” The day before… Lay stood with his head down. He had answered honestly but the Grawl hunter was growing angry and impatient with him. “Where did they GO?!“ the hunter growled. Lay glanced over at the other boys that were hanging from the ceiling. They waited as well, glaring at him like a traitor. And maybe he was a traitor but he couldn't help it. He was risking losing more than his old friends. In his heart he cares for them all and was trying his best to keep everyone alive. The Grawl grabbed Lay by the head, picking him up off the floor. His grip tightening around Lay's ears, “There's only one way to find out, isn't there?” “But I'm telling you the truth,” Lay cried, “I don't know where they are, please, don't…” He tried to pull the Grawl's fingers away but they were too strong. He felt pain surging through his brain and down his body. He started to scream in pain. The others looked away, unable to watch, wishing they could cover their ears from the sound Lay was making. “STOP! LEAVE HIM ALONE!“ Chen cried out. Lightning shot out in odd directions from his tied up hands, “LEAVE HIM ALONE!“ He looked over at Chanyeol, who had his eyes shut tight, “Do something!” Chanyeol shook his head. “I can't, I don't know what to do” Kyung was only able to wiggle in his bindings. “He took you somewhere…” the Grawl hissed, “but where, where did he take you, a house but where is the house…” He dug deeper into Lay's thoughts, making Lay scream even more, to the point he lost his voice, “where, where, where, WHERE!?“ He dropped Lay on the floor. “I told you, I don't know where it was. He teleported us there and teleported us back.” He laid on the floor crying, cradling his head. “Maybe if I call Kai, he'll come.” Lay said pulling himself together. The Grawl hunter picked him up and handed him his phone. Lay's hands shook as he unlocked the screen, he scrolled down to Kai's number. It rang twice, no answer, it rang two more times, still no answer. It went to voicemail after the last two rings. Lay trembled as he waited for it to let him leave a message. He looked up at the hunter, his lips trembling even more, tears streaming down his cheeks. He was going to die. “Kai, it’s Lay…. Kai…. RUN, KAI, RUN, HE'S COMING“ The Grawl hunter growled, pulled his arm back and swung, slamming Lay in the chest, sending him flying across the room, crashing into the far wall behind the others. Lay's body rolled onto the floor, coming to a rest just below Kyung’s feet, unmoving. The hunter came at them. Chen gritted his teeth, pushing more lightening out of his hands, “Stay Away From US!“ Kyung swung himself forward, kicking his legs up into the path of the hunter, knocking him back hard, sending him flying the way he sent Lay flying. The hunter jumped up and came at them again. Chanyeol heard Chen yelling at him. He shut his eyes tight, thinking hard about fire, thinking about the fire he started when he was younger, and about the fire that came from him in that place, he willed it to come out of him. The best he could, he thrusted the heat he felt in his body, out. The fire that streamed out of him, burned through the rope and he fell to the floor. He was about to throw a fireball at the Grawl when the hunter stunned him and the others with one shot. The Grawl hunter sneered at them.