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EXO Sci-fi
Kai pulled his cellphone out. There were several missed calls from his parents and from the main office and one missed call from Lay. He looked up when he heard Sehun laughing from making the leaves of the tree fall off with one blow from his lips. Baek sat next to him making little lights appear between his fingers. Xiumin and Suho were off having a talk.

“I think we need to get back soon.” Kai said listening to his voice messages. One by one, the messages all said the same thing, where are you?

All except Lay's.

His eyes grew wide listening to the urgency in Lay's voice, the blood curdling scream from Chen in the background, the way the Grawl was hissing and growling before the message cut out. He called to everyone to come, even Nero. He replayed the voice message on speaker mode. Everyone listened. Sehun and Baek shivered hearing Chen yell the way he did.

“We need to go back. Those boys are in danger.” Nero said. He gathered his things and the others to get ready.

“But how will we find them?” Kai asked.

“Yin. Yin will know.”

“What? How could he know?”

“It's hard to explain but Yin knew where each of you went…. Lets just say, he knows, I'll explain later.” Nero said seeming to avoid the subject.

“I think we need to know now!” Kai insisted.

Nero waited, the others took hold of Kai's clothing as they did before but he did nothing.

“Kai, please” Nero begged.

Kai stared at him suspiciously. He held his hand out to Nero. In a blink of an eye, they were back in Seoul, standing in Chen's living room.

He didn't let go of Nero. Nero stared up at him questioningly.

“Grab him!” Kai yelled. The others pounced on him quickly, pushing him down to the ground. Each of them holding an arm and a leg. Kai stood over him.

“My mother said there was a traitor. Is that why we didn't see Tao at the reunion because it's you?”

“My mother said the same” Suho added.

“That's ridiculous!” Nero laughed, “If I were the traitor, I wouldn't have been able to take you there. I wouldn't have been living in the shadows for all these years, waiting!”

“He is right, Kai” Baek said.

“Luhan and Kris said to be careful who we trust.” Sehun said in turn, “They said that Grawl can take someone's body and their mind without them knowing. For all we know, it could be any one of us.”

“Yes. Exactly. That's what happen.” Nero said, “He could take over anyone's body and mind, and they wouldn't know it. They would think they’re living like a normal person but they're not.” Nero sighed, he shook his head, he had to tell them, “Yin. It's Yin! I'm sorry to say it's Yin. I was there when it happened. We had hunted the Grawl across the continent. We almost had him. We had him cornered in France but he got to Yin first. I was too late. Even when I tried to turn back time, he still got to Yin.” Nero banged his head against the hard floor, thinking about that day, “Even with my old friends face, looking at me, I tried to kill him. My soul was being torn apart as I gouged my staff into his body. This scar is a reminder of my failure…. Do you understand?”

Kai backed off. There was sincerity in his voice, pain and regret. He nodded his head to the others to let him go. Nero sobbed a little as he sat up.

“That hunter tried to take Tao's body when I escaped. You didn't see him because he's lost. He's somewhere still on this planet. Another reason why I couldn't leave, I couldn't leave him behind. When the others left, I went to go get his body for them to take back but it was gone. I don't know, I don't know if the hunter took it or….” Nero said in disbelief, he looked around the room confused, “I traveled to that dimension and searched for him. That plane is different here, everything is so different here.”

Everyone listened as he spoke. No one said a word. Then Kai's phone rang. When he looked to see who it was, he surprised to see that number pop up, his roommate's cell number. He held onto that number just in case, for an emergency situation but he never gave him his number.

Kai answered, “Hello?”

“Kim JongIn, where are you? People are going frantic looking for you. Are you with those others that disappeared?”

“No. I've been taking care of something important. What's been going?” Kai asked trying to sound unsuspicious.

A deep sigh from the other end, “Well, just so you know, you lost your position. The big bosses say that if you don't get back soon, then you're out completely. Your parents have been by several times, checking to see if you'd come back. And someone named Dr. Yin came earlier looking for you. He says to let you know he'll be waiting at his office, whatever that means.” Another deep sigh, “I hope whatever is going on, is worth it.”

“Okay. I got it. But hey, how did you get my number? Aside from my parents, only a few people know it, how did you get this number?” Kai asked. The other end hung up.

“Who was it?” Baek asked

Kai shrugged his shoulders, “I thought it was my roommate”

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