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Model-turned-actor Kim Woo Bin left fans girls feeling a bit bittersweet today as he confessed that he's in a relationship with model Yoo Ji Ahn! After an article surfaced claiming that the actor and the model, who is one year older than him, have been in a relationship, the actor's agency confirmed it to be true. A SidusHQ rep commented, "Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn have been dating for 2 years." The two apparently got to know one another during Kim Woo Bin's modeling years, and became a couple starting 2 years back. The rep added, "Kim Woo Bin is really not the type to hide anything so he and Yoo Ji Ahn would freely walk around the streets of Apgujeong together, and he does not feel uncomfortable about going public with his relationship... The natural meeting of a young man and a woman isn't something to be secretive about." It seems the chemistry displayed in the pictorial below, which was shot back in May, was not just for show as the two had been deep into their relationship by then already!