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FOURever With 2NE1
MAMA 2015 was the last time we saw 2NE1 together as 4. *sigh* The 3 remaining members released their last single "안녕" a few days ago and I'm still feeling the hurt. Being able to see Park Bom and hear her voice after so long was bittersweet. Which 2ne1 era was your favorite/did you become a BLACKJACK? [Me: 2012/I Love You Era]
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What year was I'm the Best? that hooked me on 2ne1, but Missing You is one of my absolute favourite songs they released
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@KpopJunkiesTV thank you :)
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Clap ur hands and Hate u
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Lollipop was my jam and then I discovered Go away and a few others.
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Dude lollipop was sensational I really loved it! I seriously miss the charismatic collabs between BB and 2NE1! Like the lollipop dance practice video? It's so fun to watch!
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