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Que tal peeps!

Thank you to all who have been my ride or dies and showing support and patience. I know I have not really been updating this as quickly but I always tell yall check out my other fanfictions in the mean time!


Blade pulled down his pants and his phone. He hovered over me and slammed memeber deep inside me. I screamed in pain as he record what he was doing to me. "Jay will love to see how good care I'm taking of his toy." Blade moaned. He continued to pound me without mercy as the bed moved. I had to go to a dark place, because I got an arm free and suddenly all I heard was gun shots and screaming. I thought Blade would stop but he didn't. I lifted my free arm and he grabbed it and pined it down with force. "Looks like your daddy hasn't been teaching you good manner bitch. I will teach you." Blade groaned. He began moving his hip at an animal like speed. Suddenly someone busted through the door. It was a gang of my girls. They were loaded with weapons. "Look more bitches to join in the fun." Blade sickly laughed. My girl Tammy knocked him off me while three of my girls began to untie me. Tammy and Jessi were tag teaming blade as the other girls got me together. "Cover up (y/n) Jay would go loco if he seen what we seen. I'm happy we got here before him." However Jay walked in with Simon Dominic right after she said it. He had marks all over his face but he never looked so sexy. Jay looked at me as if he was trying to hold back tears. "Let's get her out here!" Tammy yelled. "No no...I want to..." "Baby go with them." Jay said in a low tense tone. Simon left with us as the girls me helped walk away. We quickly got into the car. On the way there it looked like all hell broke loose. Dead bodies all over often and naked women. Bottles of liquor broken and spilled with blast of angel dust all over the place. There was dying people yelling out in pain. All I could do was think about Jay. When we made it to the car BB was in the car waiting for me as my girls said by and went back to help out Jay's crew. I sat across from BB and looked out the window as we pulled away. Suddenly I broke down and cried. I could feel BB grab me and hug me but my spirit left my body. I was in a whole different world. I've been through some shit but never in my life have I been violated like this. My body was in such pain and I smelled like something unearthly. Then I began thinking about Jay. Yeah my man was a band ass but he had a heart too. This Blade did not have a soul. I could only see crow eyes when he looked at me. As these thoughts began flying in my mind I felt myself go limp in BB'S arms.


This moutherfucker had really done it. It's one thing when he comes for me, but not my baby girl. I couldn't even recognize her when I seen her. She was a shell. But I couldn't think about that now. I had to kill this bitch ass fucker, gather the crew, and take care of my baby. Blade grinned as he pull on his pants. The room smelled like raw sex, weed, and liquor. " Well well Jay Park from the block. What brings you to my castle?" Blade says while cracking a smile. "You fuck with mines you are dead." I said. "Well indeed I did fuck what was yours." Blade busts out laughing. "You get the joke Jay. I fucked what was yours as in I fucked your bitch raw." "This ends now Blade. You and me I will call my boys off. Let's handle this like men." I paused. "Fuck it I'm done talking." I ran over toward him and threw a punch in his face. I felt my knuckles crack. Blade smiled with blood trickling from his mouth. Suddenly he cracked his neck and then grabbed me and body slammed me. I felt an instant pain flood through my body. Blade began kicking me in my sides hitting my sore muscles. He walked away laughing. "I thought you would be more of a challenge Jay Park...the way these leeches talk about how hardcore you are. But you still a punk just like back in day. You let me fuck your bitch and now imma kill your ass. Then fuck her again and again." Blade reached for a knife. "Imma gut your ass." Wow was Blade right. I can barely move. I wasted so much energy blindly fighting with the crew downstairs to get to this monster. Suddenly I seen my baby's panties laying on the floor along with some of her clothes. I don't know what happened but all I saw was crimson red. Blade was so positive I was out for the count. He leaned down to thrust his knife into my side when I grabbed his arm by surprise and I pulled the trigger right into his rib. The look on his face was priceless. He feel back and looked up. I stood up and shot him in his dick and laughed as he cried in pain. I wanted to torture him like he did my lady. I was shocked how blood thirsty I instantly became. "Yeah bitch and when you go to hell make sure to tell your mom hello for me." I said while blasting a bullet in between his eyes. I called Simon Dominic on the phone to give the cue to clear out and to make sure my lady's squad was out. I poured the used liquor all over the room and then took a lighter and watched as the small spark turned into a huge blaze that devoured everything impure in my eyes. Luckily Loco was passing by to pull me out the room. I was being hypnotized by the flames.

End of Jay’s POV

I slowly opened my eyes. I was in a warm room and I could feel someone's arms wrapped around me. I smiled as I could smell Jay all over me. Did I die and go to heaven. Maybe my sins were forgiven. I did do the best with what I had. I slowly opened my eyes. I rolled over to see Jay with his eyes closed but he wasn't sleep. "Ah I see my baby is awake." He opened his eyes and then planted a soft kiss on my lips. "Yeah I thought we were in a war baby. This mean guy named Blade...." Jay kissed my forehead. "Unfortunately baby that wasn't a dream. But ya papi has taken care of that creature." "Then how am I here with you then? Shit I did die!" "Baby, baby you have been sleep for 3 days. BB said you fainted in the car from crying so hard. You would come in an out of wherever you were mentally. I was going to call in a doctor today." Jay said while rubbing his thumb across my hand. "Then they guy did do all those things to me." Jay looked away and then looked down. "Yes." He said in a gruff tone. I pulled away from Jay. "I'm dirty then Jay. I know you want to leave me. The way he used me..." Jay grabbed me in his arms. "Baby I love you and I'm sorry that you ever had to experience that. You should be leaving me. But deep down inside I know you are the angel that was sent to pull me away from the cliff towards hell baby." Jay kissed me deeply. I could feel myself melting into him. "I love you too baby. Just make me your again." "Not before you answer one question baby girl. But close your eyes" I pouted and rolled my eyes playfully before I closed them. I could hear Jay moving around then he jumped back into the bed. "Open your eyes...will you marry me?" Jay said. I looked down and seen this beautiful big ass diamond ring. I mean the room gold cold due to how much ice that was in this soft pink box. I began crying all over. Jay kissed each tear. "Yass....yass!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I stood up a began jumping in the bed like a kid on Christmas day. Jay grabbed me and put the ring on my finger. He kissed me again. "No let's make a baby!" He said. "Okay Aquaman." I laughed

Ride Or Die Peeps