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A new KBS2 drama that started last week (Wednesday/Thursday) called “Secret” and starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, and Bae Soo Bin has taken me by surprise. Surprise that I’m watching yet another “revenge” drama and surprise at exactly how dark this one is going. It’s really good so far! Ji Sung plays Min Hyuk, a spoiled Chaebol son who refuses to marry the woman his father is demanding he marry. He’s in love with a poor woman who will never be accepted and he knows it. I confess the moments with this woman are lovely and it is sad that no matter what he does, it would never work. Unless he was willing to stop all contact with his family (which includes giving up a LOT of money) and move away – but we all know obedient sons in K-dramas usually won’t do that. The timing in this drama is a bit confusing – one of the first scenes is Min Hyuk out partying as well as picking up a woman and taking her back to a hotel room. He doesn’t sleep with her but instead leaves to go to the empty home of the woman he loves. It’s not clear where she is or how far into the drama we are at this point. I will warn you that this drama jumps back & forth between past & present quite a bit. Hwang Jung Eum plays Yoo Jung, a poor hard-working girl who strives to win over the MIL of her boyfriend Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin). These two have been dating for a long time but once Do Hoon became a full-fledged prosecutor, his mother decided he’s too good for Yoo Jung and sends him on blind dates – even while eating the food Yoo Jung comes over to prepare. Yes, MIL is disgusting. Yoo Jung also works as a substitute driver, picking up customers who are too drunk to drive themselves. She meets Min Hyuk one evening and the two fight like cats/dogs before he passes out. He awakens to see a woman on the road and thinks it’s Ji Hee, the woman he loves. He grabs the wheel and forces Yoo Jung to the side of the road, then bails out to chase this woman down. He loses her and Yoo Jung won’t give him the keys, instead she leaves him on the side of the road and walks away. *hehehe* They meet again when she’s working another job as a toll-booth collector. He goes to pick up the woman his family wants him to marry, Se Yeon (Lee Da-hee) and ends up at Yoo Jung’s booth. Instead of giving her money, he gives her the wedding ring he just offered to Se Yeon – who didn’t want it. I believe Se Yeon loves Min Hyuk but for reasons known only to her, she’s resisting the marriage. It might be because she wants him to truly love her and knows that he doesn’t. She’s kind of a snarky bitch in that she continually brings up the woman Min Hyuk loves…and the fact that he dumped that woman for his father’s money. Yea, I’m thinking that might not be the way to win his heart. I do love how clearly Min Hyuk makes it that he’s not interested in Se Yeon at all – no gray area with this guy. Do Hoon seems to truly love Yoo Jung though, he proposes to her in spite of his mom’s wishes. (Cover your ears when Bae Soo Bin sings, it’s horrifying.) On the evening of the proposal, they get into an accident. Do Hoon gets out to inspect the damage and discovers a woman, laying on the road covered in blood. Instead of calling for help, he shoves Yoo Jung back into the car and drives away – classic hit & run. I’m already thinking this guy is a huge loser with no conscience. Min Hyuk is called once Ji Hee is discovered but it’s too late – she is taken to the hospital, where she dies. Min Hyuk is told it was a hit & run and that she was pregnant with his child. Ooof. Of course it comes out that the car is Yoo Jung’s, it was discovered via CCTV at the scene of the accident and the police track her down. She learns there was a hit & run but covers for Do Hoon by saying she was the one driving. Do Hoon is assigned to handle the case. (LOL – that’s just silly but we’ll go with it.) Do Hoon tries to drag her to the police station to tell the truth: that he was the one driving. But of course, this is a K-drama so Yoo Jung won’t hear of it. She won’t let him ruin his life as a prosecutor! She doesn’t care that it could earn her 5 years in jail, she just wants to protect him. *bangs head on desk* She thinks it’s a simple mistake that can be cleared up but Do Hoon knows better. He also never admits to her that he did indeed see the woman lying on the road. Slime-ball. Min Hyuk learns it was Yoo Jung who drove the car and yes, he does remember her. Yoo Jung is told a pregnant woman died but remains clueless about Min Hyuk’s connection. (Which is very odd, considering he tries to strangle her when he sees her at the police station – how could she not realize he must have some relationship with the dead woman?) Min Hyuk visits with Do Hoon to insure he seeks the maximum sentence and Do Hoon learns the dead woman was Min Hyuk’s love, Ji Hee. Yoo Jung is arrested and sentenced to 5 years. Her single father collapses into dementia. Yoo Jung discovers she is pregnant after collapsing in jail. Min Hyuk also finds out she is pregnant (he’s now having her life monitored) and smiles, thinking things are getting interesting. (Creepy) Yoo Jung is bullied in jail while Do Hoon tries to take care of her sick father. I found it odd that Do Hoon never once visited her in jail to see his son but I suppose they’re trying to make us hate him more. He also meets Se Yeon a few times and the vibe I’m getting is there is an attraction there so this will end up a love-square between all the leads. I already guessed Do Hoon will abandon Yoo Jung at some point but I have ZERO idea how they’re going to make me believe Min Hyuk falls in love with Yoo Jung or she with him. At the end of episode 4, Min Hyuk meets with Do Hoon and gives him a big case but we don’t see what he asked for in return. Yoo Jung’s son is taken from her amid rumors of abuse. She is released and Do Hoon is waiting for her. Sitting in his car, watching them embrace is Min Hyuk. Did Min Hyuk take her son? He said he wanted her released in order to destroy her so maybe. And what type of deal did he make with Do Hoon? I’m pretty sure he intends to take Do Hoon away from her too – he will take her love and her child since in his twisted mind, she took both of those away from him. I’m excited to see what horrible things he does to Yoo Joon and how he handles it once he finds out she didn’t kill Ji Hee. I’m thinking Ji Hee was already dead when Do Hoon found her – was she killed by Min Hyuk’s Dad? I may not continue recapping this one but I will most definitely be watching!
omo that's so confusing but i will be watching it soon :)
i will start watch this ^_~