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The drama I chose for this You're Beautiful. I was amazed by how well Park Shin-hye played a double roll as Go Mi Nam, the twin brother who is a singer.
I love when they perform as the group together and she fits in so well.
The chemistry these two have together is so cute. The way he would always pick in her!
My favorite quote is when Go Mi Nam says, " I can see one special starlight now. It's the star which is loved by many people. If I join the number of these who loved that star, it wouldn't be a crime right." I love this quote.
She is also beautiful, when she dressed as a woman.
I love when he made this pig rabbit for her and she loved it so much. I love this drama and hope you enjoyed this card and drama as much as me.
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I love this Kdrama so much that I actually got myself a pigrabbit for myself
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This was actually one of my first K-Dramas so it will always have a place in my heart xD