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so today I got my hair cut and decided to go short (new year new me) so I found this picture and thought it was cute and wanted it and the second picture is what I thought of the back ....but when I have gone to great clips they've never cut my hair right or listen to what I wanted..
what I've notice is she really made my bangs more on the left when I said right... one part of her hair is longer than one side but she made mine the same side...
but I'm gonna try to work with it and see what I can do with it...
so good bye hold hair and hello to my new hair

So what do you guys think?

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that's because they're a low end haircuttery. if you want it to look exactly like that ull need to go to a professional hair salon. The prices will be high
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I mean as long as you're the one paying for it, I don't see why it should matter
looks cute
same happened to me except you actually look adorable. I have to style mine all the time now just to make it look decent
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@VIPFreak2NE1 #hairproblems
I went to great clips and cut my hair short too, I hated it, she cut I all wrong. it's been about 1 years and it's grown out. I now love my hair more than I ever had before. p.s. I love your hair.
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yeah, there only good for trims.
I love it. I think it looks super cute on you😊
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@ChristiLoveLive You're welcome πŸ˜„
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