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So for a while I had been seeing quite a bit about a new group called Victon on vingle. So I got curious. So I first went to ask @XxGummybear92xX about them because I had seen her post about them a few times. But she was still new to them too so she told me to ask our buddy @Sailynn. So I did because I was extremely curious...oh boy. Yes as the title states the curiosity really did kill the cat (me). I never knew I would fall in love with Victon this much. As I just told Sail I officially have become Victon trash right along side her! Now let's take a brief look into why I have been killed by these dorks so quickly.
The skinship/fanservice As a lover of skinship and famservice Victon's kills and they have some of the best!
Their cuteness! They're all cute little marshmallows!
DIMPLE KINGS I mean come on look at all those dimples!! *swoons*
I honestly don't know how anyone could not fall in love with these boys! I just don't know. Chan has totally won the the title of bias and SeJun...oh SeJun he definitely has become the wrecker. Although it's getting harder and harder to keep Byungchan in his place. It's gonna be hard to keep these boys in line k can see it now.
Not to mention their web show Me & 7 Men. Which, thanks to Sail for recommending I watch it, is what made me fall head over heels for them! My favorite part is when to try to kill the spider! Episode 7 is also a really good episode too.
So yeah in the end I should thank Sail for introducing them to me but should curse myself for allowing these dorks to come into my life and destroying everything! So next time you become curious about a careful. Don't end up like me.
i feel like you used all tue pictures i spammed you with 😂
😂I did use some but most I got from tumblr right before making this
I wash watching them "hatch" a while back, and they were so cute.
Omg I love watching that so much! That was so cute!
ahhh yay!!! Welcome welcome