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Hello everyone! This is an update to this card I made a little bit ago~

Pentagon dropped their MV for 'Pretty Pretty' this morning!


I love this MV! I think the concept is quite cute~ I especially love the first scene!

(I was right about the dance battle )

But I have a couple problems with it

In my opinion, if the girl only dates you because you won a dance battle then I don't think they're in it for the right reasons.

And it almost felt like the music video was YeoOne, Kino & the boys (ft. E'Dawn) rather than Pentagon,,,like Shinwon & Hui who?

Overall I really love the music video and the concept and everything, but I just needed to imput my two cents

Tell me your opinion of the music video in the comments! ❤

Thanks so much for reading! Please show Pentagon lots and lots of support! They've been working hard, and they deserve it~

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Note: None of the photos or videos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ I'm pretty sure the photos were all taken by Pentagon themselves but nonetheless :p
It's great.
OMG The first picture had my feels exploding I LIVE FOR HUIDAWN INTERACTIONS I SWEAR THEY ARE MY OXYGEN and true though tbh that girl was not worth it, he can gladly come to me. I don't care how he dances or even what he looks like. I don't care that he wears glasses (which were extremely CUTE C U T E on him) and he doesn't need a full makeover just to get me to like him. I am here man and I am willing. Come to meeeeeee
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tbh me
its a great Mv very cute and fluffy and seeing Kino being the bad guy was so cute. overall I agreed to what you said. it doesn't really sound logical to date someone just because they won a dance battle it will probably hurt yeoone. overall I loved how cute yeoone looked. he was to cute. and i had wished if they had just added more of the members.
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me too
I'm downloading it