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All of my biases would probably love each other like intimately.
#blackpink #2NE1
I got so happy about this.
Me. Everydayyyyyy Everyniiiiiight Feel like a fooooolllll
Gosh, he's fabulous though.
Jimin knows what's up
If that happened to me Everyone around me would be exposed to the PPAP song. That is my song.
Me listening to PPAP, honestly.
Suho looks great for his age and all that stress he went through.
Key is me. Dats why he my bias in SHINee.
Jungkook's face XDD
I'm like this every time I listen to either SAVE ME or If You Do though. Especially If You Do......that video tugs my heart strings man.
Yes the presentation one! Like are they really that interested? Are they grading me for this? No? Well sit your ass down and play with your phone.
I must be reading to many memes cause my mind changed "Jimin UNDERSTANDS us" to "Jimin UNDERNEATH us". . . Whooops. 😅😷
If only that was true😏😆😂
the ringtone one, yesss. it went off at the packed dmv and the lady across from me said ' that's an energetic ring tone, I like it ' it was "Run &Run" by Bigstar.
@Kirinacorn81 That is a beautiful ringtone. I need that one.