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Elo Snow Bunnies

Today is FanFic Sunday when we give you all our recommendation of AOMG related Fanfics to read. Well Today we're changing it up a bit.
Yeah instead of recommending fanfics.. I'm here to announce the the time slot for Bo$$ Squad's fanfics. Mostly it seems some of the crew including myself are writing fanfictions. So here is the Line Up:

His Shade

by @BBxGD BB has written a story with Gray as the male leader... Supernatural theme too with some comedy here and there and a bit of heart strings being play. Trust me she got mw hooked too

Will Have New Chapter Updated Every Sunday


by @MarrickeJ33 | rated 18+ Oh this is truly a trilling Fanfic. It an ulternate universe where Jay is tricked into becoming a Criminal and faces being betray by a lover and friends. #ThugLife. This story will keep you on your toes

Will Have New Chapter Updated Every Sunday

Love Is Not Over

by @QueenPandaBunny Plot starts off with you dating Jay since high school. He goes off to become famous in a boy group with friends and well royally fxxks up... A story full of Angst and Drama... but its so good you won't be able to stop reading it.

Will Have New Chapter Updated Every Sunday

I'm (not) Sorry | Playmate

I'm (not) Sorry: 18+

A bery smutty angst story where Simon plays with you and becomes addicted to you like you're a drug. Yet after a while you start to doubt that cause of the way he treats ya. This story is so good that I can't stop reading chapters its so good... but warning Simon Feels will be trigger. _________________________________

Playmate: 18+

Do you like pets? Do you like Duckie? Would you be willing to give him your all to be his pet bunnie? Another very smutty tale in a bit of an ulternate universe. Where Duckie is a bit of naughty man. A twisted version of 50 Shades of gray. These story will be post when she is able to post them but have a pattern of coming 1-2 chapters of one story before switching to the other 1-2 chapter of the other. I'm (not) Sorry = Chp 1 | Chp 2 | Chp 3 | Chp 4 | Chp 5 Chp 6 | Chp 7 Playmate = Chp 1 | Chp 2 | Chp 3 | Chp 4 | Chp 5

Gansta Love | Business Pleasure

by me :)

Gangsta Love: 18+

When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape. male lead - Loco _______________________________

Business Pleasure: 18+

When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall part? Male lead - Jay _______________________________ I will be posting... Gangsta Love every Thursday Chapter 1 Business Please every Tuesday
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mines coming soon lol
I guess I need to get the writing!!!
Am I tagged in your Business Pleasure? Did you post it? Did I miss it? I read Gangsta love that was some sexy shit. Loco being a bad little Kola
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@royalpandajedi My bad I miss read thought it said Thursday I was like wait when did I miss it?
Haha I'll have mine up possibly within a couple of hours