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馃槀Kpop Memes馃槀: Part 124
okay but bts and bighit are wild
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I laughed at the height difference between pcy and Woozi, but then I realized that if I were ever blessed enough to receive a hug from pcy it would look exactly the same bc woozi and I are the same height 馃槀馃槀
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Who called Jimin a fat midget?! I will put the juju on them!
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It's cuz we're just like TT. Taemin is demon spawn, honestly. He hurts me. T_T We don't deserve Monsta X, we really don't. T_T
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Okay, the CLC one is just plain wrong...... All they're doing is trying to get more recognized. The people saying they are copying 4minute need to stop.
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It was a joke; (I have a disclaimer in my memes folder if you haven't already read it)
10 months ago
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