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The SHINee ones so good. And I'm the MX one.
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Omo the babying idols in their twenties with BaekChul
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The 3rd one look like a horror movie. What does Isac mean? I know it's idol olympics but what's it's actual name and why was BTOB not there this year? When is it? How does it work? I love seeing the interactions between all the idols it's so cute. Is it Seventeen's first or second year? Namjoon is so precious complimenting the girls hands and holding them, that's too cute!! The one with Jungkook, Mingyu and The8 are so cute, are they all 20? Why is Super Junior trying to summon BTS? I remember the Disney one. I miss all the old Disney stars.
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love it
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but did I just witness BTS trying to summon demons (VIXX VOODOO & HYDE eras)
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hahahahaha that so perfect!
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