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😂Kpop Memes😂: Part 126
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Dance line one was hilarious. Hani is me. I am her. I relate to her on a spiritual level. The bra one so real. I will have to disagree with one thing--Kookie *is* a smol child.
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I can't believe that you did 3 though. T_T
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I'm so worried about Yoongi now... ;-;
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I don't get the 3rd one, did Silento really perform at an awards show that BTS was at? Honestly BTS are the sweetest people ever. The one with Hani, she's all alone behind a big group of males...she's adorable. The one with DK...what even is this? He's not...he looks like...he's still a child? But his jawline and old is he, does anyone know? Poor Yoongi, what exactly happened? Was it an ear infection and then he lost part of his hearing? Poor child. The bra one the SVT one and Yoongi one, what are they doing?
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Wait...was the one about rap mon true? 😭
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no. that was just a bullshit lie.
7 months ago