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@MelissaGarza has a 10 Song Lyric Challenge going on right now for Boys Republic and I have decided to participate. Disclaimer: I don't really know the English song lyrics so I will try my best when guessing. I'll also probably look at the English lyrics for the songs tonight to have a better shot at guessing. (This isn't cheating right?)
Two songs were posted and my guesses were: "Hello," and I didn't guess for the second one because I really don't know. The answers were: "Hello" and "Video Game." I will post the videos that correspond with the answers. None of the videos belong to me.
I hope this is a good enough card @MelissaGarza! Please check out @MelissaGarza 10 BR Songs Challenge card and participate if you want to. Or just look at @MelissaGarza cards. She makes great cards!!
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yes its perfect! thank you for liking my cards 😊