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Anime or Cartoon?

I know we always get this question asked a the time! :) lol no lie tho I like both of them but I LOVE Anime more!
Anime! but there are still some good cartoons like teen titans
I know I've grown up watching anime but I gotta say that some of the cartoons I watch have been really good (a:tlab, Teen Titans, samurai Jack, code lyoko, the legend of Korra, Steven universe, adventure time and some oldies like Tom and Jerry, chowder, looney tunes and old power puff girls) that I will take to my heart and what made me want to join a career in voice acting
Hell yeah :D I grew up watching both too my uncle introduced me to it when I was young but I also liked cartoons too (Spider-Man TAS, Code lyoko, K.N.D., Teen Titans, Danny Phantom to more goofy Ed Edd N' Eddy, Invader Zim, or KaBlam) Both are fantastic in their regard, I just personally gravitate towards the cartoons :3 I even recently checked out Young Justice because I've heard great things...I was not lied to
Both as both have strengths and weaknesses, I more often than not find myself enjoying cartoons more though.
both honestly Lmao 😂
but is close very close
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