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Angel Chanyeol In White~!

Hello everyone!!

So ummm...the other moderators have started the Color Challenge for Chanyeol and I was going to start it at the beginning of this week buuuuuuuutttttt.....

That didn't happen Dx So today I am going to be starting it myself!! So please enjoy the different colors of Chanyeol!!

Cause I am literally dying over some of these cX

Wah!!!! Chanyeol in white!!!!!!

Cleanse my soul and forgive me for my sins cause Chanyeol looks like an angel in white!!!!! O.O
Wahhhh!!! Guys wearing all white or white in general is one of my weaknessess!! And seeing my ultimate bias wearing white just.....It does it for me.....
See you all in heaven!!

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