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Hello everyone!!

I'm so sorry that I didn't post anything about Kihyun last Sunday!! I will work harder to bring you all more Kihyun!! Please forgive me....

So I was looking for fun videos of Kihyun and I found a 20 Facts about Kihyun video made by a YouTuber that I usually watch since they've been posting a ton of 20 facts of different groups and such.

And they made a 20 facts for each member of Monsta X!! So today I'll be showing you guys the video that was made for the Kihyun eomma~

Bam! Here you go!! No need to thank me cX

I really liked this video since I learned so many new things about Kihyun!! And his little man crush on Shownu~ Adorable!!
Well, it makes sense that the dad and mom of the group are put together ^-^ I know that much at least cx
And I love his nicknames!! Cutie and Tiny, too cute!! I would call him those cx Well, maybe not Tiny since he doesn't like that xD
Haha the "Sexy Brain" of the group. I approve. Especially with those glasses~

Well, I hope you all learned something new about our little eomma of the group. I know I did~

I personally love learning more about members of any group, so I enjoy watching these kinds of videos. That's why I wanted to share this one with you guys, so you all can learn about Kihyun ^-^
Well, see you all next Sunday~

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He is to cute.
Right!? Such a cutie~
Can I please be added to the Monbebe tag list? Thanks! 💙
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