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Well I have a short part to post!!! I made a deal with @SugakookieV that if I post another chapter then she will post a oneshot. So have a cute little part, for catch up on what's with the other two couples . . . ehm soon to be couple??? lol
Tae view**** I couldn't help how happy I was. I knew kooki was upset I got the girl, but I also hadn't really been seeing him around lately. Yoongi was busy with Keri so I tease Jimin. "Why are you so hyper?" Jimin questioned staring at me as I hung onto him from behind. "Because" I grinned at him. "Because why?" Jimin asked. "Because I have a girlfriend" I laughed. "Yes so you keep saying. You still haven't brought her to meet me yet" he said. "Are you my Papa?" I frowned playfully. "No I'm your Hyung! Hyung!" Jimin stated. I tilted my head and rested my cheek on his shoulder. "You've already met Layla though" I said. "I know, but that was before she started going out with my little boy" he said. "I guess" I nodded. "So lunch?" Jimin grinned. "Nope. I get to have her allllll to myself. We didn't meet keri for 2 weeks, so that's how long until Layla can see you" I grinned at him letting go. "You rascal! Yah! None of us knew Keri! We all know Layla already!" He said raising his voice as I walked away towards the door. "I'm going to go have lunch. With. My. Girlfriend. " I grinned punctuating the last three words. I left Jimin and went to meet Layla as the café. She was already there talking to another girl. "Tastie, come here!" Layla called put when she saw me. At the nickname I couldn't help my face becoming red. I walked over to her. "Tastie? Really Layla? Ohh is it cause he taste good?" The girl chuckled as I approached  "Nasty girl nasty. No. I call him tastie cause he like to eat and always tastes my food" Layla chuckled. "Just once!" I said sitting down. "Once for each dish, yes" Layla said. "Whose this?" I asked looking at the girl, waitress. "Mia, you remember mia. She was here when we first met up by ourselves. . . . and every other time" Layla said. "I can see he only looks at you" Mia said then leaned into Layla. "That's okay that boy over there keeps looking at me" Mia pointed behind me. I turned and to my surprise, saw kookie sitting there. "Kookie?" I questioned. "Uh oh yes, you didn't know?" Layla said like this wasn't a shock. "Yea, kookie already move on from me, he looks interested in mia now" Layla said. "Go over there girlie!" Layla added patting Mia's arm. "Alright I'll be back in a minute for your order" mia said. "No worries, its our regular order, so take your time" Layla said. "Got it" Mia grinned.  She walked away and j watched as she went over to kooki  When she approached he smiled at her and started talking. Mia brushed hair away from her face and looked shy all of a sudden. "They have been getting along all week. I swear Mia has a thing for him. If only one of them would act on it" Layla sighed. "What? Really? You want her to ask him out?" I turned to Layla. "Well if she doesn't then she will say no to him" Layla said. "Really?' That confused me  I mean who could resist kookie? He was a little cutie pie who wore his heart on his sleeve. "Well yes, she has a busy life, so unless she makes to for a boyfriend in her life then she won't agree, thus she has to decide it" Layla explained, badly. "Aaaand if we push kookie at her will she go after him?" I asked. "Omgosh Tae, that is one creepy voice you just had" Layla laughed. "But if we d" I asked less creepy. "Then I would give it a week before she gives in" Layla shrugged. "Hmm gives me ideas" I grinned. "Yea yea why don't you focus on me and you first cupid" Layla laughed.
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Aww so cute and as promised I'll upload a one-shot for you who do you want?