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Here it is. The third installment to the series MONSTERS. I hope its not too short enjoy! Chapter 1 Chapter 2
MONSTERS: Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend? ~Flashback~ "We found another one. But it's a young girl this time." "Damn it. I thought for sure we were closing in on this asshole. We need to get this fucker off the streets!" "We have a suspect in mind but this, this is different from the other killings. So could it be..." "A copycat?" Everyone turned around to see where the voice came from and it was Detective Kwon. "Yea I have been thinking the same thing myself. But something just seems... off... Very off." Moving stiffly in the night breeze, I could make out the hand of a young girl with what looked like some sort of charm bracelet on her wrist. Something about that charm bracelet. Where have I seen it before? She was still in her school uniform. I lifted the ghostly white sheet to reveal her face. As I stared into that innocent face I then realized why that charm bracelet was so familiar. I took a step back and shook my head. This isn't real it can't be possible. How did she, of all people how did she end up here? I picked up my phone to make a call. "Honey. Did Jai make it home from school?" "Not yet. But you know how she is. She is probably with Kae studying. She has exams coming up." "Call me as soon as she gets home. Its important." "Okay." I couldn't tell my wife over the phone because I have to be sure. But if in fact this is her, there is going to be hell to pay for the motherfucker who did this. On my life, I will find the fucked that did this. I turned around one last time to look at her just laying there and walked away. That was 7 years ago. 7 years ago today, which makes it the seventh year anniversary of her death. As I walk to the gravesite with flowers in my hand, all I can do is remember how young she was. I made that promise and I still plan on keeping that promise. "It's been a long time hasn't it? I hope that you're doing well. It's been a hard 7 years, but I think I have finally found the person responsible for your murder. I just need a little help and some guidance. Can you help me with that? Almost as if she were standing right there before me, my cellphone rang. I wasn't going to answer it but a whisper in the wind told me I should. Picking up the phone I realized who was calling. Seeing as how I haven't heard from him in months, he must have found something. Before I could even get a hello out his voice rang thru. "THEY'RE ALIVE. THOSE BASTARDS ARE STILL ALIVE!" "Hey Detective Kwon. How are you? How have you been? Do things like that not register in your head first?!" "My bad... I hope you're doing well Detective. But look Simon and Alexis are alive. Idk how they did it but they managed to fake their deaths. But they're here!" "Woah woah... Is this information good? How did you find out? Wait... Don't tell me you did something illegal?" "Illegal naw... She wanted to come over for drinks and playtime. So we played. Played 21 fucking questions. And if you're wondering who it is, it's that same bitch that fucked me over in years ago when you first arrested me!" "How the fuck did that happen? What she didn't recognize you?" "Naw she didn't... I guess money was all she saw and didn't realize who I was until I called her by her name." "What exactly did she say?"Within the hour that we talked I got all the details I needed about what really went down that night. "Alright. There is something that I need to check back at the office but can't right now. Let's meet up some time tomorrow. Deal?" "Aight. Tomorrow" Those motherfuckers are crazy I said to myself. But to me it seems like the ringleader of all this mess was none other than Alexis and Simon was just her puppet. Or is their more to it then just this? Whatever the case is, it's time to take them down. While I was investigating the case of the young girl, it was brought to my attention that a couple went missing around the same time she did. But we weren't able to find their bodies. They were a somewhat prominent family and never problems with anyone... Well that we knew of at the time. It was rumored that Simon and Alexis may have had something to do with their deaths. But the question of all questions. Why? Why kill a young girl who would have nothing to do with you? Why kidnap a somewhat prominent couple? And if my instincts are correct, I'm thinking that this is more Alexis' doing than Simons. Simon is ruthless, but to kill a young girl. He just wouldn't. These two cases have always hanunted me. The Ghost cases is what we called them. Because no matter where we looked or searched, where there should have been clues or an answer it would appear and then be gone. Tips and all. But now o have a chance to set everything right and who would have thought that my answers would come from the help of an unlikely ally. Just as much as I wanted to get the people responsible so did Jay. Whether or not all three of these cases are linked together, I don't know. But I'm gonna find out. We're gonna find out. In due time, when the time is right I will tell Jay the real reason behind helping him find the truth about what happened 7 years ago. I guess its true what they say: An Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend An ally. I just hope I won't regret this.
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