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I can only said.....if I got a choice...I won't go to the concert in Asia!!!! is so so so so "Tried" They blocked couple street down and asked us to registered for concert shutter bus. (Seat and time are limited and picked up point also different) It took me a while to find the pickup location and the line is crazy long!!! this is the picture I took while arriving to the location!!!
And u think that's the wrost NO!!! the shutter Bus went all the way (couple block down) to a field!!! Yes a field which we wait there to line up(if u can really see the line!!!) basically there is no lots people cut in between!!!!
After hours of waiting 2 to 3 hours (hours standing under the windy sunny day) I finally got to the My section the side section!! is already 4:30pm!!! with the same price and buying one day ahead of the time....still not able to get the center sections !!!! Is outdoor concert so the toilet stink and small.....once u leave your section, you won't be able to get back in the same spot!!!! so I had to hold my pee and stay hungry until all the way after the concert!!! which total about 10 hours straight and let's not even mentioned about leaving the location!!!! all I want to do is singing "FXXX IT" all the way!!!
The stage were much smaller compared to the one in LA.
The side speaker block my view!!
This is how tight my standing space is!!! I am a very skinny girl already but can't hardly move my hands!!!! later is even tighter!! And all the mech I had were purchased at Korea before this HK trip which I am glad I did as they do sell some at the Concert but the line are all packed and sold out quickly!!! I couldn't find much in Korea must are out of stock too!!! I did get a GD sweater in GDx8Sec!!
I will load the video when I get back to US as my connection here is so slow!!!!
but all the pain that I had to go through is all worth it for seeing TOP before his enlisting!!! I love U TOP!!!!
gawd but your so lucky you were able to attend! Sucks that I live in LA! I wish I lived in Taiwan at least! It sucks the wait was that long, but it's totally worth it, I mean come on it's BB!T T ahhh I'm jelly haha. Looks like a great concert. I wish I could've heard good boy one more time live. You know for their Alive your, I heard fans in one of the countries they attended camped out in front of the venue that they were playing at for over a week! I think it was raining too!
That must have been torture. I can barely walk after standing for a two hour concert. I can't imagine waiting that long 😨.
Is all worth it for the BB concert!!! They are the KINGS!!!!!. I did heard about camped out in some popular Asia Concert, but for Big Bang they blocked the streets!! so even camped out is not possible.