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Hello everyone!!! So as you all probably know, Big Hit has done pre-orders for army bombs! One of my friends is doing a group order, which is still open btw! For any of you who hasn't ordered one and would like to order one!
You can fill up the GO form that is linked to her page or DM her personally!
The bombs are $42.90 and she's ordering for all three stops(Anaheim Day 1&2, Chicago, & Newark Day 1&2). We have multiple reps in each of the stops that will receive the bombs with your information and give it to you the day of the concert.
I am one of the Chicago reps. If you want to PM me for more information, you can! We hope to get more orders!
To everyone going to BTS Chicago concert, I hope to see you there!

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when I went to the link it said it's no longer available
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soo lucky ㅠ.ㅠ but im glad you got it! and definitely! you can meet some cool people at concerts lol bond over bts and other things